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Askrunner empowers employees by giving them a voice. Use the askrunner live audience interaction platform for meetings and events to collect and ask the questions that matter

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    Askrunner's goal is to empower employees and encourage the right conversations to happen. The platform itself is simple. Meeting and event planners can create an event in less than a minute and instantly invite participants who can join via any device with a simple code

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    When to use

    Askrunner can be used at any meeting where you want to increase participation and make sure your remote colleagues have a say: remote meetings, conference calls, all-hands meetings, team meetings, brainstorming sessions, webinars, training, retrospective sessions, kick-off meetings etc

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • Askrunner is a great tool to involve everybody in the conversation or decision-making process, no matter where they are. By allowing people to pre-populate questions and upvote their favorites, submit ideas and vote, it makes meetings more effective, productive and fun
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