Beaver โ†’ Competitors

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29 Competitors to Beaver

Real Estate Accounting Software for Investors

When to use Beaver

When the number of real estate investor's properties hits 5 properties

Beaver Competitor 1 - LogoEden
Starting A New Company? Get a Free Logo at LogoEden!

When to use LogoEden

By new companies who need a logo to start

Beaver Competitor 2 - SkyDNS
We make the internet safer

When to use SkyDNS

Education institutions, SMB's, Internet Service Providers

Beaver Competitor 3 - Riley Risk
Global security risk management system

When to use Riley Risk

Companies with global physical security risk management exposure

Beaver Competitor 4 - GrowmySaaS
Database of 150+ growth and conversion strategies

When to use GrowmySaaS

Startup founders, growth marketers

Beaver Competitor 5 - Prepfully
End-to-end interview preparation

When to use Prepfully

For job hunters preparing to get into top companies

Beaver Competitor 6 - PayRequest
Simple, fast payment links via Stripe

When to use PayRequest

If you want to send payment links to your clients.

Beaver Competitor 7 - Deliforce
Best Delivery Management Software

When to use Deliforce

The delivery tracking software should provide the company owners with effective control over its delivery operations.

Deliforce's Last Mile delivery tracking application is considered one of the best trucking software applications available in the market. It allows the organization to optimize the use of trucking assets and to improve customer service

Beaver Competitor 8 - Phrazor
AI-Powered data stories

When to use Phrazor

Business users and analysts use Phrazor to empower their teams and organizations to make data-driven decisions by summarizing complex business data into actionable insights in the form of easy-to-understand reports

Beaver Competitor 9 - FreeCallTracking.ai
AI Powered Call Tracking Solution

When to use FreeCallTracking.ai

Get insights into your customerโ€™s journey. Improve marketing ROI and sales conversions by viewing a full picture of attribution

Beaver Competitor 10 - Privacy Bee
Protect your privacy with one click

When to use Privacy Bee

Online consumers

Beaver Competitor 11 - SiteGuru
The SEO tool that helps you find and fix issues

When to use SiteGuru

SiteGuru helps you audit and improve your website to get more visitors from search engines

Beaver Competitor 12 - inndox
Digital Property Logbook

When to use inndox

Can be used by Construction companies, Home Builders, Property developers, Real estate Agents, Property Owners, Home Inspectors

Beaver Competitor 13 - Folderly
Make the inbox your only destination folder

When to use Folderly

For B2B and B2C business that send emails

Beaver Competitor 14 - Alexis Networks
100% unlabelled data and 100% unsupervised machine learning

When to use Alexis Networks

Can be used for the following industries: Financial Services, Healthcare Insurance, Pharma / BioTech, Refineries, Fleet Management

Beaver Competitor 15 - Utilimarc
The leading business intelligence platform for fleets

When to use Utilimarc

We focus on clients that are aligned to our core business, that is, fleet management

Beaver Competitor 16 - CallsRedirect
Get business calls on your cell phone

When to use CallsRedirect

CallsRedirect is a flexible and affordable business phone service for entrepreneurs and small businesses looking for a way to enhance their customer service

Beaver Competitor 17 - Soleadify
Soleadify is the perfect tool to fuel B2B growth

When to use Soleadify

Soleadify helps you find qualified lists of potential customers for your digital services and products. We source our data differently, we get unique data. So instead of reaching out to the same contacts as everyone else, by using Soleadify you can tap into untapped territories!

Beaver Competitor 18 - Scantranx
Cloud-based omnichannel retail solution

When to use Scantranx

Retailers and Wholesalers

Beaver Competitor 19 - Dumogio
Retargeting platform

When to use Dumogio

1. Social media manager can add Retargeting Pixel to other people's content which are relevant to their brand

2. Advertiser can change their Retargeting Pixel without bothering their tech team or changing on their website, which potentially break their sites. They can work faster and more efficient

3. Brand can add Retargeting Pixel on 3rd Party platforms such as Amazon, Gumroad, Google Form

Beaver Competitor 20 - Pixela
URL shortener with retargeting pixels

When to use Pixela

You are running a Facebook campaign to drive traffic to your online products.
๐Ÿ‘‰ People are clicking but bouncing around your website. You're losing money on that campaign.
๐Ÿ‘‰ Using Pixela, you can "pixel" anybody who clicks on your actual ads links. And retarget them later with more laser focused ads on Facebook.
๐Ÿ‘‰ You will be able to collect the data behind the audience such as demographics and locations.
Later on, build lookalike audiences to retarget them.
So, you can increase your sales through retargeting and laser focused ads on Facebook.

Beaver Competitor 21 - Salonist Software
Salonist is an exclusive salon management software

When to use Salonist Software

If you want to manage your salon business smoothly and effectively

Beaver Competitor 22 - Scalero
Crack the email creation workflow

When to use Scalero

Medium to large enterprises with complex email marketing initiatives

Beaver Competitor 23 - kopilot.io
Digital CFO for SME business owners

When to use kopilot.io

Business owners/managers from SME. Marketing companies. Digital Agencies

Beaver Competitor 24 - GDPR Register
GDPR compliance tool for privacy professionals

When to use GDPR Register

Used by Data Protection Officers

Beaver Competitor 25 - bipp Analytics
The data analyst's BI platform

When to use bipp Analytics

For Businesses and BI analysts

Beaver Competitor 26 - Fizfy
Social Proof App to Skyrocket Conversions

When to use Fizfy

Fizfy is a conversion software which is used to increase sales and conversion rate for your websites

Beaver Competitor 27 - Radio.co
The easiest way to start your internet radio station

When to use Radio.co

Home & corporate DJs, podcasters, and creatives

Beaver Competitor 28 - Virtual Client Technologies
Run your small business virtually everywhere

When to use Virtual Client Technologies

Electrical contractors, landscapers, pool maintenance, HVAC, startups, freelancers, small businesses, and non-profits

Beaver Competitor 29 - Connect the Doc
Healthcare appointment booking service

When to use Connect the Doc

Healthcare providers