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9 Competitors to BrandQuantum

A brand consistency SaaS platform

When to use BrandQuantum

Organisations who care about the consistency and security of their brand

BrandQuantum Competitor 1 - Polys
Secure online voting platform based on blockchain technology

When to use Polys

When you need a transparent voting system that is secure and immutable.

BrandQuantum Competitor 2 - Freebies.ByPeople
Curated commercial-use freebies for designers and developers

When to use Freebies.ByPeople

When you need high-quality free-for-commercial-use resources for your design or development projects.

BrandQuantum Competitor 3 - Gigers
Free online social community of remote workers.

When to use Gigers

Gigers is targeting remote workers and digital nomads. Typical users are millennials who are looking for better work/life balance, like-minded people and who want to disrupt the way we currently work by being able to work from anywhere in the world.

BrandQuantum Competitor 4 - Veed Screen Recorder
Record your screen online, in the browser

When to use Veed Screen Recorder

Recording your screen online

BrandQuantum Competitor 5 - Planhat
Customer success made simple

When to use Planhat

Customer success teams at SaaS companies

BrandQuantum Competitor 6 - Cyver.io
The Pentest-as-a-Service Platform

When to use Cyver.io

Cybersecurity service providers

BrandQuantum Competitor 7 - UserGuiding
Easiest way to create product walkthroughs

When to use UserGuiding

Can be used by Product Managers, Growth Managers, Founders, Project Managers

BrandQuantum Competitor 8 - Common Surface
The New Office Normal

When to use Common Surface

Companies who want to give their employees the flexibility to work remotely with all of the benefits but none of the costs.
As well as office spaces who have more employees than capacity because of social distancing or downsizing; optimise your allocation process to efficiently maximise in-person collaboration and priorities those who need office space most.

BrandQuantum Competitor 9 - Re:loc
Update your Slack status based location

When to use Re:loc

Co-workers appreciate transparency. Lets your co-workers know where you are working while maintaining your own location privacy