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7 Competitors to Cactus

Boost your mood and emotional intelligence in one minute

When to use Cactus

Use daily for a more fulfilling life experience.

Cactus Competitor 1 - Wellness
Mood, medication and health tracker

When to use Wellness

Use Wellness to Quickly log your mood, add notes, and schedule check-ins during the day.

Cactus Competitor 2 - Moodio
Emotion tracker app to analyse your mood changes

When to use Moodio

Use Moodio to track the changes in your emotion during the day.

Cactus Competitor 3 - Moods
Story of emotions

When to use Moods

Use it daily to simply have a more positive mood.

Cactus Competitor 4 - Moodie
Track and change your mood

When to use Moodie

Create positive behaviours thru small attainable daily routines.

Cactus Competitor 5 - Nomie
Open-source mood and life tracking

When to use Nomie

Use Nomi to quickly and privately track your mood, and anything that might affect it.

Cactus Competitor 6 - Mr Mood
See if you need a change in your life

When to use Mr Mood

Keep a track of your mood and see if you need a change in your life by making use of Mr Mood

Cactus Competitor 7 - Moodrise
Positively impact brain chemistry

When to use Moodrise

Use it anytime, Digital Nutrition is proactive, and constitutes the underpinning of any approach to comprehensive wellness.