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3 Competitors to Clockwork Brain Training

Insanely fun cognitive puzzles

When to use Clockwork Brain Training

Join the millions worldwide who enjoy training their brain with A Clockwork Brain, a series of fun & challenging games, specifically designed to test Memory, Attention, Dexterity, Language and Reasoning. All puzzles feature bite-sized, fast-paced gameplay and adaptive difficulty, so get ready for a great mental workout!

Clockwork Brain Training Competitor 1 - Not the Hole Story
Riddles that put your mind into challenging test

When to use Not the Hole Story

Have fun figuring out the answer to puzzles and more "Stories with Holes" anytime you want!

Clockwork Brain Training Competitor 2 - Lumosity
Enjoy brain training created by scientists and game designer.

When to use Lumosity

Use Lumosity to discover your strongest brain training area, be it speed, memory, attention, flexibility, problem solving, word or math.

Clockwork Brain Training Competitor 3 - Happify
Activities, Games & Meditation

When to use Happify

If you want to improve individuals’ total health you can’t ignore their mental and emotional health. Medical costs for individuals with chronic medical and comorbid mental health disorders run 2-3 times higher than those who don't have comorbid conditions. From peer reviewed randomized controlled studies to personal testimonials, Happify has demonstrated its ability to reduce depressive symptoms and anxiety in individuals across the mental health continuum.