Software that coaches managers to have continuous performance development conversations remotely, leading the whole team to create effective operating habits that stick.


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    The challenges of remote working are much less about the tasks and much more about the people: trust, motivation, bonding and sharing information. CoachBot helps managers overcome these challenges.

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    • Jenny Dawson

      A fantastic product! Really easy to use and prompts me to get into good habits. The one to one feature has made my meetings much more, productive, efficient and organised!

             reply     0      about 1 year ago
    • Rebecca Cookson

      CoachBot is fantastic. It helped me cultivate good habits in the team and sustain momentum, especially now we’ve gone fully remote. For example, before a 1 to 1 I get a reminder of the agenda points from my direct report and can add my own.

      Out of all the products I have tried for leading and developing my team this is definitely the best one. We’re a lot clearer and more focused now as a team.

             reply     0      about 1 year ago
    • Emily Martin

      My team has been using (and loving!) CoachBot for a while. Its been particularly helpful to stay on track over the past few weeks, since we’re quite new to remote working as a business. I would recommend to all!

             reply     0      about 1 year ago