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12 Competitors to Conceptboard

Efficient collaboration across different locations or timezones.

When to use Conceptboard

Suitable for small businesses and enterprises who want to improve team collaboration, real-time communication, file sharing, and video/audio conferencing.

Conceptboard Competitor 1 - Klaxoon
Improve efficiency for remote teams

When to use Klaxoon

Klaxoon offers you smart tools to organize the interactions between each other. Quiz, Brainstorming, dynamic presentations, feedback at the end of the meeting, and more

Conceptboard Competitor 2 - Tweakr.io
Upload files and get visual feedback from everyone involved.

When to use Tweakr.io

Tweakr.io is a tool for better visual communication between designers and clients.

Conceptboard Competitor 3 - Fluvid
Screen and Video Recording Software

When to use Fluvid

Using fluvid fastens recording of videos while instant sharing options helps the content reach audiences quickly.

The recording software provides controlled access to user for better privacy over content

Conceptboard Competitor 4 - UIReview
Get instant feedback on your designs from colleagues or clients

When to use UIReview

Designers, developers, teams, remote teams.

Conceptboard Competitor 5 - Mural
A digital first tool enables remote teams to collaborate.

When to use Mural

When close collaboration is key towards achieving business goals and distributed teams need to work and ideate together.

Conceptboard Competitor 6 - TeamSuccess
Set weekly goals with your remote team

When to use TeamSuccess

When your team is lacking focus and struggles with productivity.

Conceptboard Competitor 7 - Oroson
The fast, visual way to impress your clients.

When to use Oroson

Teams who share project briefs, drafts and final deliverables that require a simple visual layout where content feedback can easily be gathered. Internal creative teams and marketing and design agencies who collaborate with internal and external clients find Oroson particularly beneficial because of its visual display features. Oroson’s board layout makes it perfect for Marketing Teams, Content Creators, Social Media Managers, etc.

Conceptboard Competitor 8 - Kantree
The truly flexible work management platform

When to use Kantree

By team: HR, sales, marketing, product development, new businesses, agencies; By workflow: digital transformation, SCRUM, project management, team collaboration, remote work.

Conceptboard Competitor 9 - Bubbles
Simple video and screen capture collaboration

When to use Bubbles

Anytime you want to collaborate over video's or screen capture

Conceptboard Competitor 10 - Draft.io
A visual and malleable document to finally work as you may think

When to use Draft.io

"Teams who look for a simple solution for Agile Project Management (visual management, story mapping, retrospectives, etc.), Product Management (product discovery, user flow, etc.), or creative thinking work.

From product discovery to building complex agile artifacts, Draft.io provides the right balance between freedom and structure for you to document just what it takes to move your projects forward.

Conceptboard Competitor 11 - CloudApp
Capture and Share Instantly

When to use CloudApp

We help companies communicate visually. Marketing, customer support, and engineering teams all use CloudApp to quickly capture and share their screen with others

Conceptboard Competitor 12 - Pinly
Visual Feedback Tool for Digital Products

When to use Pinly

Getting feedback on a website from a client, your team or stakeholders