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8 Competitors to Connected Breath

A 60-second group meditation experience

When to use Connected Breath

Use it with your team to feel connected

Connected Breath Competitor 1 - Aura
3-Minute meditations, personalized by AI

When to use Aura

Use Aura everyday to improve overall wellbeing.

Connected Breath Competitor 2 - Calm
Find Your Calm

When to use Calm

Calm is a meditation, sleep and relaxation app that you can use daily to stay in good health.

Connected Breath Competitor 3 - MindFi
Positive Minds. Productive Workplaces.

When to use MindFi

Use MindFi as a complete solution for wellness individually or as a team to enhance employee engagement.

Connected Breath Competitor 4 - Waking Up
Guided meditation with Sam Harri

When to use Waking Up

Use for daily mindfulness

Connected Breath Competitor 5 - MyLife Meditation
Find Your Quiet Place

When to use MyLife Meditation

Use daily for mindful meditation, anxiety relief, breathing exercises, better sleep and overall mental health.

Connected Breath Competitor 6 - Sloth
Breathe & Meditate

When to use Sloth

Use daily to track mindfulness progress

Connected Breath Competitor 7 - Wild Journey
Get Mindful Naturally

When to use Wild Journey

Wild Journey offers mini meditations and meditation plans for a few days that can help you get more mindful.

Connected Breath Competitor 8 - Breathwrk
Breathe Better Live Better.

When to use Breathwrk

Use it whenever you are anxious/ have trouble sleeping/ are enervated.