Stand out on the job hunt and showcase your skills and personality through a video pitch instead of the boring, traditional resume. Get hired faster at a company that excites you!


  • $20/ month for job seeker
  • For companies looking to hire talent, Crash is free to use until you make a hire! Once you find the perfect candidate, we’ll charge you a variable amount depending on your company size and funding status—never more than $1,500 per candidate
  • If you’re very early stage, or planning to hire a lot, we have discounts available
  • Complete Pricing



    Anyone looking to find better, remote work can use the Crash video pitch tool to win roles fast. For remote companies looking for great talent, request pitches to get sent your way (crash.co/for/hiring)

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    • Jérémy Chevallier
      @jeremy.t.chevallier, Marketing Director, Crash

      Crash is building the tools and community I wish I had years ago when I was trying to break into the design industry! It’s amazing to see what job seekers do when you tell them to burn their resume. 😈 Let’s help people discover and do what makes them come alive!!

             reply     1      6 months ago
    • Gerrit Maatkamp

      Crash is amazing. In a world were hiring managers have to decide between 1000’s of resume’s a Crash pitch video stands out. I love working with it.

             reply     0      6 months ago
    • Cru Dorsey

      Flip the rolls! Forget the times of being a candidate seeking approval from a prospect but instead pitch your value and what you want to do for said prospect. It’s brilliant and I hope to see it extend into other fields aiding all types of job seekers.

             reply     1      6 months ago