Capture your screen or screen and camera with a few clicks. Asynchronous Communication is how modern teams build software.

  • Description

    Send quick video updates and create training material with your microphone and facetime camera in no time. Record your screen to collaborate with your team on bugs, project specs and product documentation. Devtendo recording will show multiple recordings of your screen in a simple timeline. Never miss that hard to reproduce bug or waste more than 10 secs to report a product.

  • Pricing
    • Free
  • When to use
    When to use

    1. Executive Communication
    2. Explain features and capture product demos
    3. Improve the quality of your product with better bug report
    4.Improve knowledge base
    5. Communicate faster with your team
    6. Improve customer success and support functions
    7. Design Reviews

  • Relevance to remote workers
    Relevance to remote workers
    • Small videos to explain how a feature works can be shared with the internal team right after feature-complete during the development cycle. Product demo videos are super helpful for customers and can be published once the feature is shipped. A lot of back and forth emails and meetings are required for knowledge transfer and troubleshooting if the feature or product documentation is lacking clarity. Quick video generation and publishing will transform how your engineering teams do knowledge sharing.
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