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8 Competitors to Eye Care Plus

Eye Exercises & Eye Training Plans

When to use Eye Care Plus

Use daily for eye training, testing and learning.

Eye Care Plus Competitor 1 - Take a break
Timer, reminder to avoid eye strain

When to use Take a break

Use Take a Break after every few minutes of working in front of a screen.

Eye Care Plus Competitor 2 - Pomy
Focus timer app for your eye health

When to use Pomy

Pomy will remind you every 20 minutes to look away from your screen for 20 seconds.

Eye Care Plus Competitor 3 - f.lux
Software to make your life better

When to use f.lux

Install the app and it will automatically adjust the light

Eye Care Plus Competitor 4 - Dark Reader
Dark theme for every website

When to use Dark Reader

Add the extension to your browser to view every website in dark mode.

Eye Care Plus Competitor 5 - Iris
Software for Eye protection, Health and Productivity

When to use Iris

Install Iris in your system to help prevent eye strain, reduce eye pain and get better sleep

Eye Care Plus Competitor 6 - Safe Eyes
Protect your eyes from repetitive strain

When to use Safe Eyes

Install Safe Eyes and use daily to take better care of your eyes.

Eye Care Plus Competitor 7 - Breaks For Eyes
A Mac app to get rid of eye strain, dry eyes and fatigue

When to use Breaks For Eyes

The app will remind you to take a break once it's installed

Eye Care Plus Competitor 8 - Blink: Eye exercises
Eye exercises with Eye-Tracking technology

When to use Blink: Eye exercises

Install in your iOS device and use daily for better eye health.