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2 Competitors to Freebies.ByPeople

Curated commercial-use freebies for designers and developers

When to use Freebies.ByPeople

When you need high-quality free-for-commercial-use resources for your design or development projects.

Freebies.ByPeople Competitor 1 - Gigers
Free online social community of remote workers.

When to use Gigers

Gigers is targeting remote workers and digital nomads. Typical users are millennials who are looking for better work/life balance, like-minded people and who want to disrupt the way we currently work by being able to work from anywhere in the world.

Freebies.ByPeople Competitor 2 - Veed Screen Recorder
Record your screen online, in the browser

When to use Veed Screen Recorder

Recording your screen online