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3 Competitors to Geekbot

Automate standups, surveys, and daily reports

When to use Geekbot

When you need to keep your team focused and safe from interruptions. Geekbot allows users to post updates asynchronously with Slack standups, instead of having to attend actual in person meetings.

Geekbot Competitor 1 - Status Hero
Automated standups, reports, and insights

When to use Status Hero

If you want to fix your broken standups and make it easy to get a complete view of each other's work. Great for teams with members across time zones that want to work asynchronously.

Geekbot Competitor 2 - Armadill
Remote work reporting software

When to use Armadill

For small teams that are working remotely

Geekbot Competitor 3 - WhatGotDone
Simple, lightweight alternative to team status meetings

When to use WhatGotDone

When you want to get status updates from your teammates without using a complicated, heavyweight tool.