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7 Competitors to Genius Scan

A secure scanner app for scanning sensitive documents.

When to use Genius Scan

For scanning sensitive documents, Genius Scan can be of great value as it provides privacy features such as fingerprint locking and PDF password encryption.

Genius Scan Competitor 1 - Prizmo
A Mac-only app, Prizmo is more than a document scanner.

When to use Prizmo

If your team is Mac exclusive, this will be a powerful tool.

Genius Scan Competitor 2 - Scanbot
An easy-to-use scanning app with a pretty UI.

When to use Scanbot

For all quick scans in office, Scanbot is an ideal partner.

Genius Scan Competitor 3 - CamScanner
App that allows for easy scanning of documents and sharing.

When to use CamScanner

For all scans in office, especially ones where the Camscanner watermark is not a problem.

Genius Scan Competitor 4 - Receipt Lens
Expense Tracker

When to use Receipt Lens

Track your receipts and manage expenses the easiest way with Receipt Lens!

Genius Scan Competitor 5 - Adobe Scan
Free, quick, and easy document scanning app.

When to use Adobe Scan

In order to scan documents using a phone camera and store it as PDF's, Adobe scan makes it easy!!

Genius Scan Competitor 6 - ABBY FineScanner AI
Smart, easy and quick document scanner app.

When to use ABBY FineScanner AI

For scanning documents that are printed in multiple-languages, FineScanner AI can be of great value because of its OCR technology.

Genius Scan Competitor 7 - Scannable
Scannable by Evernote is a document scanning app only for iPhone.

When to use Scannable

For all iPhone users, and also if you are an Evernote fanatic