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2 Competitors to Grapic

Remote whiteboard with real pen and paper in online meetings

When to use Grapic

Product people, developers, educators. Anyone that is remote but would whiteboard or draw on a piece of paper when collaborating or explaining if in same room

Grapic Competitor 1 - Lucidspark
Virtual whiteboard powering collaborative teams

When to use Lucidspark

Whether you’re a small business owner or an enterprise team leader, Lucidspark provides the brainstorming and organizing functionality you need to help your teams create, innovate, and stay aligned

Grapic Competitor 2 - Ziteboard
Online Whiteboard with Realtime Collaboration

When to use Ziteboard

The shared whiteboard is ideal for collaborating, teaching, discussing topics visually, and it’s great in online tutoring. Tens of thousands of tutors use it for teaching mathematics, science, and English in classrooms or privately