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Easily give and request high-quality feedback with your team to achieve more together - right within Slack!

  • Description


    Give Feedback Quickly - Use templates to write feedback that helps your team be more effective. Get Better Feedback, Regularly - Develop your skills and accelerate your career. Feedback History - All your feedback stored in one place. Have more productive 1:1's and breeze through performance reviews.

  • Pricing


    • Freemium! Upgrade to Grow Pro to customize the platform and get access to improved analytics & insights.
  • When to use

    When to use

    Any team with more than 2 people! Feedback helps teams build trust and be more effective. We've seen grow used by students, mentorship programs, non-profits, SMBs, and enterprises.

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • We're built into Slack - so you don't have to switch out of your existing workflow to give and request feedback!
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