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5 Competitors to Happier You

Community, therapy

When to use Happier You

Use Happier You to support your mental health everyday.

Happier You Competitor 1 - GoRelax
RelaxBax: Bust Stress in Just 15 Minutes a Day

When to use GoRelax

Use GoRelax for 15 minutes a day to bust stress

Happier You Competitor 2 - Open Dialogue
Overcome stress, cultivate self-knowledge

When to use Open Dialogue

Use Open Dialogue to become more self aware and be more productive whenever you need to.

Happier You Competitor 3 - Rootd
Panic attack & anxiety relief

When to use Rootd

Use Rootd to deal with panic attacks and anxiety every time.

Happier You Competitor 4 - Merrier
Anxiety Relief Games

When to use Merrier

Use Merrier daily to play fun games and overcome stress and anxiety.

Happier You Competitor 5 - Anxiety Relief
Find Your Calm

When to use Anxiety Relief

Use Anxiety Relief to calm yourself and for your daily overall mental well-being.