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3 Competitors to Inner Peace

Experience Peace In One Click

When to use Inner Peace

Install this extension in Chrome and use it to take a quick break.

Inner Peace Competitor 1 - Calmist.pro
Simple background sound generator

When to use Calmist.pro

Used while learning, creating something new, or just for relaxation

Inner Peace Competitor 2 - NTX Go - Fitness Done Remotely
Zero equipment workout program.

When to use NTX Go - Fitness Done Remotely

NTX Go is designed to be both an extremely accessible daily workout program and help create a daily fitness habit. The workouts vary in intensity, from cardio to strength work to mobility, so the program can be followed seven days a week and you can remain consistent with a workout habit. Because remote workers have varied schedules, NTX Go works perfectly around your schedule.

Inner Peace Competitor 3 - Mooditude
Data-driven mental health program, at your fingertips

When to use Mooditude

It's typically used when target audiences are under mental stress and would like to track and elevate their mood. It can also be used when users want to share something with people who have the same troubles