Knock. is developing virtual offices to help distributed teams work closely with a fun and efficient collaboration tool.


  • 13$ per month per seat after a 14-days free trial.
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    It's a tool dedicated to teams working remotely.

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    • Julien
      @jul2k, CEO, Knock

      Hello everyone! Julien here, co-founder of Knock.

      We started Knock right after Covid-19 sanitary crisis hit the world. We all work remotely since 3 to 5 years, and decided to build the best tool we can to help companies go remote.

      We’re in private beta, so if you want to request access to our product through our website, please indicate you come from Remote.tools, and I’ll make sure you receive an invite very soon :)

      If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

             reply     5      11 months ago
    • Aurore

      Happy to see Knock live here 🙌! I’m a beta user, and it’s a very cool tool. I can only recommend!

             reply     1      11 months ago
    • Paulin Pigorot

      Nice product. The perfect tool to work remotely

             reply     0      11 months ago