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8 Competitors to Kosy Office

Kosy is a virtual office for teams to work and socialise

When to use Kosy Office

Kosy is used by remote and distributed teams to collaborate in real time and strengthen the company culture

Kosy Office Competitor 1 - Remo.co
Virtual workspace for remote and distributed teams.

When to use Remo.co

Our target audience are teams that love being visual and social with one another and crave for the face to face interactions but cannot have them often due to the remote nature of their company. Whether you are a new company starting on your remote journey or a medium sized company that is getting harder to connect with your colleagues, Remo.co tackles the following challenges:
-challenges in collaboration with remote teams
-loneliness and lack of quality social interaction
-want to feel the presence of others
-hard to team build and build company culture

Kosy Office Competitor 2 - Wurkr
Video platform that replicates your physical office - online!

When to use Wurkr

Login and work with your teammates as if you are in the same office. Do your daily stand-ups, invite your clients in for a meeting or simply just work together and have fun. Feel like you are sitting with your colleagues from anywhere. None of the fuss of arranging video conferences.

With Wurkr you can go into your office with a click of a link and start collaborating. Have fun as well as work with colleagues. Do more, instantly from the comfort of wherever you choose to work. The home, office, in fact anywhere you have an internet connection. Be more productive, be more connected, be anywhere!

Kosy Office Competitor 3 - Tandem
Virtual office for remote teams

When to use Tandem

Some details on how ⚡️instant calls⚡️ work:
- You can click on someone and talk immediately, but they will be on mute until they accept.
- All calls start as voice, but can be upgraded to video and screenshare.
- Customizable rooms are a nice way to invite teammates to talk when they're free.

Some details on app presence:
- Your teammates will be able to see which work app you're currently in (only for a select set of integrated apps) - this gives everyone a sense of being together, and helps you know when a teammate is interruptible.
- You can go into Focus Mode if you don't want to be bothered, in which case your app will not be shown.

Kosy Office Competitor 4 - Loop Team
Virtual Office for Distributed Teams

When to use Loop Team

• Instant audio, video and screen share (as fast as push-to-talk) • Flexible conference window sizes so you can focus on collaboration • View activity status to see who’s in deep workflow vs who you can engage • See who is available, the meetings underway, and follow live discussions in open rooms. •  Catch-Up on Missed Meetings & Discussions etc

Kosy Office Competitor 5 - Pragli
Virtual office for teammates to communicate well with their team

When to use Pragli

Pragli is designed for teams that want communicate more efficiently with video, rather than spending hours on back-and-forth chat conversations. The product is also built for teammates who want to feel more present with their remote team.

Kosy Office Competitor 6 -  RemoteHQ
Real-time collaboration for distributed teams

When to use RemoteHQ

Use RemoteHQ to host team meetings, sales demos, support calls, training sessions, and more.

Kosy Office Competitor 7 - UnderPinned's Virtual Office
One subscription to manage your whole freelance business

When to use UnderPinned's Virtual Office

We help freelancers from day 1 to the very end. From building your first proposal to sending your biggest contract, UnderPinned lays a foundation for your freelance work

Kosy Office Competitor 8 - Sococo
Sococo is an online workspace for distributed teams

When to use Sococo

In your online office, even remote workers feel connected. Anyone can hang around the coffee machine, bump into a colleague in the hall and attend team lunches (bring your own food!). Build relationships even if you’ve never met in person. Quickly create alignment and acceleration. Increase employee satisfaction