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13 Competitors to KreekAfrica

The smart new way of doing business

When to use KreekAfrica

To tap into a global pool of experts. Whether it is for a quick task or a project that spans over months, you are sure to find people with the right skills

KreekAfrica Competitor 1 - Zimo
A video onboarding platform for remote hiring firms

When to use Zimo

Companies that hire remotely.

KreekAfrica Competitor 2 - Dribble
A community where designers share, grow and get hired

When to use Dribble

Dribbble is a social networking platform for digital designers and creatives. It serves as a design portfolio platform, jobs and recruiting site and is one of the largest platforms for designers to share their work online.

KreekAfrica Competitor 3 - Remote Workers
Connecting skilled talents with remote friendly companies

When to use Remote Workers

If you are looking to hire full-time, skilled talent and offer remote work

KreekAfrica Competitor 4 - peopleperhour
A marketplace connecting small businesses and freelancers

When to use peopleperhour

PeoplePerHour connects clients to expert freelancers who are available to hire by the hour or project.

KreekAfrica Competitor 5 - RemoteCo
Hire Remote Workers from Latin America

When to use RemoteCo

To connect with talented remote workers from Latin America who can work during US Business hours and at competitive rates

KreekAfrica Competitor 6 - Naprok
An AI-powered marketplace to hire remote dev teams

When to use Naprok

Both to hire development teams to cooperate directly with them and to check vendors' fairness using AI code authorship engine.

KreekAfrica Competitor 7 - Willo
Willo video interviewing - connect talent with opportunity

When to use Willo

Designed for recruiters and hiring managers in businesses with 1 to 1000+ employees. Willo has the features and pricing model to help everyone experience the time saving benefits of video interviewing.

KreekAfrica Competitor 8 - Dev on demand
Your front end developer on demand

When to use Dev on demand

When your design is ready and you want to develop it

KreekAfrica Competitor 9 - NerdFeedr
Discover Remote Designers and Developers for short-term projects

When to use NerdFeedr

NerdFeedr is perfect for the freelancer that is looking for some extra part-time work and for businesses to find a freelancer for short or long-term projects where they need a specific skill set.

KreekAfrica Competitor 10 - Fair Remote
A job board focused on better descriptions and expectations

When to use Fair Remote

When you want to find opportunities for companies with the remote-first work culture.

KreekAfrica Competitor 11 - Skip the Drive
Find remote and work-from-home jobs by using filters

When to use Skip the Drive

Whether you’re searching for remote, telecommuting, online or work-from-home opportunities, we’ve got you covered. Remote part-time jobs are also available.

KreekAfrica Competitor 12 - YouTeam
A platform for hiring remote dev teams

When to use YouTeam

We help our clients to hire teams of first-class developers.

KreekAfrica Competitor 13 - RemoteWorks
Discover the best remote opportunities in software

When to use RemoteWorks

For hiring or getting hired, in the software industry.