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8 Competitors to Nao

Anonymous voice social app for tracking your mood.

When to use Nao

Use Nao to record your feelings whenever you need someone to understand your emotions.

Nao Competitor 1 - Mindot
Desktop mindfulness helper

When to use Mindot

Use Mind Dot all day when working to get the most done peacefully.

Nao Competitor 2 - Leapers
Supporting the mental health of freelancers and self-employed

When to use Leapers

Use Leapers whenever you need someone to talk to.

Nao Competitor 3 - Shine
Calm anxiety and stress

When to use Shine

Use Shine as a part of your daily self-care ritual.

Nao Competitor 4 - Maker Mind
Make the most of your mind

When to use Maker Mind

Read the weekly newsletter to take better care of your overall mental health.

Nao Competitor 5 - Bloom
Daily mental health coach

When to use Bloom

Bloom is a daily mental health coach app for you.

Nao Competitor 6 - Mindful Humans
Community of makers discovering happiness

When to use Mindful Humans

Join the community and connect with like-minded makers

Nao Competitor 7 - Replika
The AI companion who cares

When to use Replika

Use Replika to express yourself and find a companion who won't judge.

Nao Competitor 8 - Confetti
A platform for tracking daily progress towards your goals

When to use Confetti

Use Confetti daily to manage and reach your goals.