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2 Competitors to ONLYOFFICE

Office suite of powerful document editors and productivity tools

When to use ONLYOFFICE

If you need to collaborate on docs, sheets, and slides, keep your docs in the cloud and share them, manage your projects and events, be in touch with teammates via mail, chat, or corporate social network, and last but not least if you want to protect your data using access rights restriction, regular backups, and more.

ONLYOFFICE solutions are suitable for small and medium-sized companies, enterprises, education, government, non-profits, freelancers, distributed teams, etc.

ONLYOFFICE Competitor 1 - Quip
Collaboration combined with messaging.

When to use Quip

If you can afford it, might be a good choice for collaborative efforts.

ONLYOFFICE Competitor 2 - Slite
Slite is where all your team's information lives.

When to use Slite

Use Slite when you start your team all the way to when you scale it! As soon as you have your first piece of knowledge on how you run your company and business, log it in Slite.
It's the one place where you'll gather important information and retrieve it.