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16 Competitors to OpenPhone

The new phone for business.

When to use OpenPhone

Founders, sales reps, support & operations teams

OpenPhone Competitor 1 - Workplace
A social network for your company.

When to use Workplace

Good for remote companies that share information with employees using live chat and video calls

OpenPhone Competitor 2 - OI Chat
Chat and collaboration platform

When to use OI Chat

Whenever you need to chat with somebody!

OpenPhone Competitor 3 - RumbleTalk
A group chat platform for events and websites

When to use RumbleTalk

The RumbleTalk group chat platform can be used for live online events, private groups, Q&A sessions or as a social chat.

OpenPhone Competitor 4 - ProjChat
Visually manage your Trello projects from Slack.

When to use ProjChat

Slack and Trello users

OpenPhone Competitor 5 - Fleep
Work smarter, better and faster with Fleep.

When to use Fleep

Great for all remote teams and project groups.

OpenPhone Competitor 6 - Karma
Processes in-chat data to build reports and improve people culture.

When to use Karma

Karmabot is a chatbot for better people culture and performance tracking on Slack, MS Teams and Telegram. We utilise the universally accepted '++' in-chat command upvoting. A concept very similar to Reddit karma: anyone can upvote anyone on chat. Applied to business chats the upvoting data provides valuable insights on team dynamics. Good vibes for the team and performance reports for the managers.

OpenPhone Competitor 7 - Webwide
Discussion community of web design, development and maker enthusiasts

When to use Webwide

"👋 Meeting new people
💬 Discussing industry news
🧠 Learning from others and sharing own experiences
💫 Showcase your work
💪 Compete in friendly community challenges
📣 Promote your content
🎉 Celebrate your achievements
🤝 Make new industry connections
✅ Strong community-driven Code of Conduct"

OpenPhone Competitor 8 - Unison
Group communication software to connect and organize people.

When to use Unison

Made for small clubs and committees to large churches and non-profits

OpenPhone Competitor 9 - NextPage
Spontaneous meetings are back. Online

When to use NextPage

If you miss spontaneous communications and small-talks with friends and colleagues

OpenPhone Competitor 10 - Toasty.ai
Create virtual team building where people really connect

When to use Toasty.ai

Toasty can be used at team check-ins, team building sessions, and workshops.

OpenPhone Competitor 11 - Zoho Cliq
Chat that's built for work

When to use Zoho Cliq

Zoho Cliq is typically used by mid-size and large teams who want to keep their workplace communication, access to all their workplace tools in one place!

OpenPhone Competitor 12 - Just Ask
Maximize your meetings with our free live Q and A tool.

When to use Just Ask

If you want to improve audience interaction in your meetings and events, you can use Just Ask for AMAs to get better engagement in remote meetings.

OpenPhone Competitor 13 - Slack
Slack is a new-age team communication and collaboration tool.

When to use Slack

Ideal for all remote teams, especially when team size increases beyond 10

OpenPhone Competitor 14 - Internal
Slack application for remote teams to monitor their team health

When to use Internal

Remote teams with about 10 employees who are just starting to implement stable processes and know they'll be alive within the next month

OpenPhone Competitor 15 - ScrumGenius
Team management and stand-ups made easy.

When to use ScrumGenius

ScrumGenius is a perfect fit for managers who work with a remote or distributed team. Especially for teams with large timezone differences. ScrumGenius supports multiple timezones out of the box and has a simple UI to configure reports to get your standup running with any major chat platform.

OpenPhone Competitor 16 - Grow
Easy, high-quality feedback for teams in Slack 🌱

When to use Grow

Any team with more than 2 people! Feedback helps teams build trust and be more effective. We've seen grow used by students, mentorship programs, non-profits, SMBs, and enterprises.