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14 Competitors to QOLOS

Do Less, Sell More

When to use QOLOS

Can be used by service based companies: SAAS, plumbing, HVAC, web developers, etc

QOLOS Competitor 1 - BlockSurvey
Privacy-focused surveys, polls and; forms

When to use BlockSurvey

This solution is built to help businesses with surveying needs by securely gathering as well as sharing data depending on individual user preferences

QOLOS Competitor 2 - LOOK
Easiest Digital Signage Software

When to use LOOK

Used by B2B and B2C companies in retail, hospitality, banking, and corporate offices

QOLOS Competitor 3 - Internal.io
Build internal tools for your applications

When to use Internal.io

If you want to build internal tools for operations or customer-facing teams and these apps need access to your database, APIs, or business apps. Examples: User management tools, onboarding tools, approval tools, workflow tools.

QOLOS Competitor 4 - Dotyeti
Unlimited design for a flat monthly fee

When to use Dotyeti

For marketers, startup founders, advertisers & writers

QOLOS Competitor 5 - Type Studio
The easiest way to edit your video

When to use Type Studio

To transcribes your video so you can easily edit it by simply changing the text.

QOLOS Competitor 6 - MirrorFly
Messaging SDK and chat API for mobile apps and websites

When to use MirrorFly

MirrorFly enables businesses to interface with conversational bot brains and integrate them into their application's chat and messaging experience. Push notifications are sent in real-time to update users who are away from the app, while admin messages display user activity and notices to other users within chat channels

QOLOS Competitor 7 - Image-Charts
Easiest way to embed charts

When to use Image-Charts

For small to large business to embed charts

QOLOS Competitor 8 - Boardle
Boardle is the final destination to find and showcase workshops

When to use Boardle

Before every workshop or every meeting

QOLOS Competitor 9 - Summerian
Book summaries that make you go "Aha"

When to use Summerian

When you want to save time and get quality summary books, especially for personal growth

QOLOS Competitor 10 - PFPMaker
Make an eye-catching profile pic to explode your social media

When to use PFPMaker

Personal branding is essential when working remotely, having a professional/creative profile picture is a must since it the first point of contact (in email/messengers/socials/etc.) where other people make their mind about your person

QOLOS Competitor 11 - Censinet
Taking the risk out of healthcare

When to use Censinet

Used for third-party risk assessment of healthcare vendors

QOLOS Competitor 12 - FRSecure
Information Security Experts On A Mission

When to use FRSecure

We help companies improve their information security by understanding clients need, design, implement and manage best-in-class solutions

QOLOS Competitor 13 - LoyaltyXpert
Loyalty Programs Solutions That Drive Precise Outcome

When to use LoyaltyXpert

LoyaltyXpert is for everyone for small businesses, brands, customers and these services are also open to the employees, retailers, and as well as influencers. We have a broad path to serve as our main is to make the customer happy by providing them good and affordable services

QOLOS Competitor 14 - JSON API
Hosted APIs to develop your app for free

When to use JSON API

For developers looking to build great apps and for finding rich APIs with extensive set of features that caters to all