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8 Competitors to Replika

The AI companion who cares

When to use Replika

Use Replika to express yourself and find a companion who won't judge.

Replika Competitor 1 - Mindot
Desktop mindfulness helper

When to use Mindot

Use Mind Dot all day when working to get the most done peacefully.

Replika Competitor 2 - Leapers
Supporting the mental health of freelancers and self-employed

When to use Leapers

Use Leapers whenever you need someone to talk to.

Replika Competitor 3 - Shine
Calm anxiety and stress

When to use Shine

Use Shine as a part of your daily self-care ritual.

Replika Competitor 4 - Maker Mind
Make the most of your mind

When to use Maker Mind

Read the weekly newsletter to take better care of your overall mental health.

Replika Competitor 5 - Bloom
Daily mental health coach

When to use Bloom

Bloom is a daily mental health coach app for you.

Replika Competitor 6 - Nao
Anonymous voice social app for tracking your mood.

When to use Nao

Use Nao to record your feelings whenever you need someone to understand your emotions.

Replika Competitor 7 - Mindful Humans
Community of makers discovering happiness

When to use Mindful Humans

Join the community and connect with like-minded makers

Replika Competitor 8 - Confetti
A platform for tracking daily progress towards your goals

When to use Confetti

Use Confetti daily to manage and reach your goals.