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16 Competitors to Ripley

Content marketing tool for distributed teams

When to use Ripley

Use Ripley anytime you work with your team to write and publish content!

Ripley Competitor 1 - Airtable
Power of a database with the familiarity of a spreadsheet

When to use Airtable

Airtable is a collaboration platform designed to empower 30,000+ companies for content pipelines, product management, events planning, user research, and more

Ripley Competitor 2 - Emvi
Anyone in your company can find, retain and share information

When to use Emvi

If you want to build a knowledge base and not get lost in folder limbo.

Ripley Competitor 3 - Craft
Product management software for your entire product team

When to use Craft

- Listen to your users and prospects so you know what matters most
- Make product decisions with all the information you need
- Create and share clear, compelling roadmaps
- Build intuitive roadmaps that communicate your product strategy

Ripley Competitor 4 - GitBook
A place to think and track ideas for you and your team

When to use GitBook

With GitBook you can:
- Collaborate asynchronously with your team, comment and review drafts before publishing
- Share your knowledge publicly or privately with anyone
- Enjoy a living documentation
- Add value to your documentation by customizing your space to match your branding

Ripley Competitor 5 - Elephant Drive
Secure online backup, storage, file sharing and sync

When to use Elephant Drive

ElephantDrive is a complete cloud storage solution, offering secure cloud functionality tightly integrated with leading storage hardware solutions.

Ripley Competitor 6 - TaskQue
Stay organized and get things done efficiently

When to use TaskQue

TaskQue helps project managers, entrepreneurs, Team Leads and Supervisors to assign tasks automatically and view the progress of teams as well as projects.

Ripley Competitor 7 - Goals
Plan and perform tasks with a single global goal in mind

When to use Goals

When planning strategy, managing projects or in general, collaboration

Ripley Competitor 8 - Sheet.chat
Interact with Google Sheets in Slack

When to use Sheet.chat

If your team already has Slack and an important Google spreadsheet for your operations, Sheet.chat will ensure that you have all the important information where the collaboration is taking place i.e. Slack.

Ripley Competitor 9 - PaymentX
An automated cryptocurrency payroll solution for your business

When to use PaymentX

"Employers (crypto companies, startups, traditional businesses)
Employees (full-time/part-time workers, freelancers) "

Ripley Competitor 10 - Papermind
Article-editing and doc management for Slack

When to use Papermind

Papermind suits the individual, or you can connect with your Slack workspace and allow your whole team to create articles, share documents, and more

Ripley Competitor 11 - Coda
All-in-one doc for your team to share notes, track tasks, and more

When to use Coda

Text, tables and visualizations can live side-by-side or in sections within your doc. Coda can be used to create bespoke workflows, customized databases and grows with your ideas.

People have made Coda docs that do everything from launch products, to scale small businesses, to help them study for tests. Coda is best-suited for the people who push things forward and turn ideas into actions for the team. We like to call them makers. (And FWIW a lot of product managers use Coda.)

Ripley Competitor 12 - Additor
The living knowledge library for modern collaborators.

When to use Additor

Our main targets are IT teams, cross-functional teams, marketing team, design team, researcher, freelancers, creative agencies, and anyone who organize information, write notes, and share knowledge with collaborators.

Ripley Competitor 13 - ntile
A tool to manage your business

When to use ntile

Internal and external collaborations;
Business management (project management);
Open information portals;
Company knowledge base;
Collaborative work with docs and tables;
Considering data from different angles;

Ripley Competitor 14 - Kbee
Transform Google Docs into a professional Knowledge Base

When to use Kbee

1. When teams are writing down their internal SOPs in Google Docs and need an easy way to share this info internally

2. When teams need to create a public-facing help center for their customers

Ripley Competitor 15 - JobAider
Capture, share, and manage expertise

When to use JobAider

JobAider is valuable when you have a myriad of processes and procedures you need to communicate with co-workers. It's especially useful when a process or procedure is not done often or is critical to the continuing operation of your organization. Why leave a critical process or procedure to memory, support your team by quickly documenting know how and share it.

Ripley Competitor 16 - uman.ai
Add your company knowledge to Google Search

When to use uman.ai

To make sure mistakes happen only once and company knowledge is used to its full potential.