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3 Competitors to room.sh

One-click connect, browser-based, video calling platform

When to use room.sh

Remote teams for online weekly meetings

room.sh Competitor 1 - Zendesk
.A scalable and flexible customer engagement and service platform.

When to use Zendesk

For firms with extensive interfacing with customers through social media

room.sh Competitor 2 - Freshdesk
An intuitive, feature-rich, affordable customer support software.

When to use Freshdesk

For a small firm looking for consolidated customer communication, customisable to its needs

room.sh Competitor 3 - Groove
Turn your customer interactions into meaningful conversations

When to use Groove

If you've outgrown email, are struggling to find a single solution to better serve your customers, or you're frustrated by overly complicated help desk software with features you don't use or need.