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SimplyDocs is a SaaS platform which allows you to create forms and document templates easily

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    SimplyDocs's online forms can be used in a standalone manner, or can be embeded to your business application.

    With the help of document templates, you can generate prefilled business documents on a real-time basis either by mapping them with the forms or using API integration

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  • When to use

    When to use

    1. Lead generation and during the process of customer onboarding.
    2. Collect customer details using these forms for updated information.
    3. Quickly onboard vendors/partners for your organization.
    4. Run survey for your company by sharing the form shortcode over emails & SMS.
    5. Perform employee on-boarding and various submissions online.
    6. Receive reimbursement and financial submissions digitally

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • Use SimplyDocs to collect data and documents from internal or external stakeholders using flexible forms. SimplyDocs does not carry any tech infrastructure dependency
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