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11 Competitors to SimplyDocs

Simplifying the way you manage forms and documents

When to use SimplyDocs

1. Lead generation and during the process of customer onboarding.
2. Collect customer details using these forms for updated information.
3. Quickly onboard vendors/partners for your organization.
4. Run survey for your company by sharing the form shortcode over emails & SMS.
5. Perform employee on-boarding and various submissions online.
6. Receive reimbursement and financial submissions digitally

SimplyDocs Competitor 1 - Dropbox Paper
Cloud document collaboration tool with zero distractions.

When to use Dropbox Paper

Collaborating with a team across different types of media.

SimplyDocs Competitor 2 - Helpjuice
Improve team collaboration and scale customer support.

When to use Helpjuice

Startups, Midsize Companies, Enterprise, Education, SaaS, E-Commerce, Government

SimplyDocs Competitor 3 - Tettra
Internal wiki for companies that want to grow efficiently

When to use Tettra

When you want to document your companies' policies and processes.

SimplyDocs Competitor 4 - Slab
Team wiki with multiple integration options.

When to use Slab

Use Slab to keep your company documentation highly organized, with a focus on collaboration. As your company scales, Slab aims at keeping information accurate, beautiful, findable, and disseminated to the right people at the right times.

SimplyDocs Competitor 5 - Chili Piper Inbox
Collaborative and intelligent email for revenue teams

When to use Chili Piper Inbox

For anyone who uses email and wants to work as a team

SimplyDocs Competitor 6 - Quip
Collaboration combined with messaging.

When to use Quip

If you can afford it, might be a good choice for collaborative efforts.

SimplyDocs Competitor 7 - Confluence
A well-structured content collaboration software.

When to use Confluence

The preferred choice when the size of the team becomes large (>10)

SimplyDocs Competitor 8 - Google Docs
Cloud based collaborative word document.

When to use Google Docs

Creating/modifying a document collaboratively, when number of collaborators is small (<10)

SimplyDocs Competitor 9 - Archbee
Company wiki and knowledgebase for teams

When to use Archbee

- Share knowledge to your customers, build great relationships
- Build great project docs with our native diagrams, API docs, tables, changelogs, maps and more
- You can create personal notes team notes, technical notes, meeting notes, and executive notes.

SimplyDocs Competitor 10 - LabiKnow
Knowledge Base Software with Help Widget and Announcements

When to use LabiKnow

If you want to reduce support requests, create happier customers, with a customizable knowledge base, embeddable help widget & changelog in one gorgeous widget

SimplyDocs Competitor 11 - Slite
Slite is where all your team's information lives.

When to use Slite

Use Slite when you start your team all the way to when you scale it! As soon as you have your first piece of knowledge on how you run your company and business, log it in Slite.
It's the one place where you'll gather important information and retrieve it.