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SuperSaaS Appointment Scheduling Software

SuperSaaS Appointment Scheduling Software

SuperSaaS is an easy to use, flexible and highly customizable online appointment scheduling tool.

  • Description

    Online appointment scheduling tool with features include 2-way sync with external calendars, automated email/SMS reminders and follow-ups, integrate into your website, etc.

  • Pricing
    • Plans start at $8 per month (access to all features, without any exceptions)
    • Complete Pricing
  • When to use
    When to use

    When you want users to:
    1. Schedule one on one meetings with you
    2. When you want to coordinate multiple schedules automatically (like you need person A& person B available simultaneously, and person C as optional member)
    3. Schedule resources
    4. Schedule group events like classes, events and workshops
    5. Schedule multiple resources like conference rooms

  • Relevance to remote workers
    Relevance to remote workers
    • Schedule one on one meetings with ease and send automated reminders via email/SMS.
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