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Add your new tasks swiftly in one line. Without annoying menus.

  • Description

    One task in one line.

    Don't waste your time by clicking through menus anymore. Simply create a new task with its categories, dates and locations in only one line:

    For example: "Groceries #household *17.08. @shop"

    You don't even need to type these things out every time you add a new task. SwiftTask provides you recommendations from your previous tasks and also features an intelligent date picker.

  • Pricing
    • Free
  • When to use
    When to use

    SwiftTask is meant for private use-cases to organize daily tasks. It is capable of reminding you of tasks based on your location. Meaning, you can schedule your reminders to only show when you are at work or at home.

  • Relevance to remote workers
    Relevance to remote workers
    • Well, what's more relevant than a fast little task organiser you can carry around all day when you are working remotely?
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