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18 Competitors to Talscale

Hire top tech talent through project-based assessments

When to use Talscale

Talscale is super helpful for hiring top tech talent by putting them through assessments, paired-interviews, and project-based assessments

Talscale Competitor 1 - Spyrix Employee Monitoring
Employee Monitoring Tool for Windows and MacOS

When to use Spyrix Employee Monitoring

If you need to control your team members remotely with ease and without extra expenses.

Talscale Competitor 2 - Goodtalent
Build Great Engineering Teams with Goodtalent

When to use Goodtalent

When you want to identify and assess tech talents by providing deep insights into the candidates coding skills within a project based environment.

Talscale Competitor 3 - Culture Amp
Tool for collection and analysis of employee feedback.

When to use Culture Amp

To have a central repository of all employee feedback, which can then be used for analysis and actioning. Can also help benchmark against other firms of similar size/industry

Talscale Competitor 4 - Stories
Learn the skills to help you succeed whilst working remotely

When to use Stories

If you want to train the skills necessary for successful remote work.

Talscale Competitor 5 - Remoteam.io
Hire anyone from any country in the world

When to use Remoteam.io

If you want to hire a global remote team

Talscale Competitor 6 - ControlHub
Slack app to request, approve and track purchases and expenses

When to use ControlHub

Growing companies with 50+ employees that need to enforce internal controls around purchasing and expenses

Talscale Competitor 7 - Abot
Simple anonymous feedback and polls for Slack

When to use Abot

HR teams who are looking for innovative ways to improve communication in the company

Talscale Competitor 8 - 360Katas
Open-source app to seek feedback from co-workers on Slack

When to use 360Katas

360Katas is used when individuals want to improve themselves and seek feedback from co-workers for this purpose

Talscale Competitor 9 - Synergita
Employee Performance Management Software

When to use Synergita

Human Resource Management Software

Talscale Competitor 10 - Connecteam
Employee Management App for The Deskless Workforce

When to use Connecteam

Connecteam serves the following industries; hospitality, retail, construction, manufacturing, healthcare, services, security, HVAC, and any other industries that have a need to manage their staff

Talscale Competitor 11 - TeamHR
Remote Employees Management System

When to use TeamHR

If you want to manage your remote as well as local employees with tons of business-related features

Talscale Competitor 12 - SkyRocket
The Progression Tool

When to use SkyRocket

We help companies with their employee progression process

Talscale Competitor 13 - Culturely
All-in-one people engagement platform

When to use Culturely

To make your organization great, you need to improve the culture and people, Culturely helps you do that

Talscale Competitor 14 - QPage
Autonomous Recruiting Platform

When to use QPage

We help busy founders and recruiters cut time-taking manual works either writing Job Desc. or finding proper Psychometric/ skills assessments and coordinating interviews while let them invest their precious time in what matters the most- choosing good fits

Talscale Competitor 15 - Nailted
The employee engagement platform for modern People and HR teams

When to use Nailted

For talent-based companies of all sizes that want to make of their culture a competitive advantage and have their employees as engaged as possible

Talscale Competitor 16 - Hilo
See the highs and lows of your work teams

When to use Hilo

Hilo is used for companies and team leaders that really want to dive deep into the emotional well being of their teams.

Talscale Competitor 17 - Peoplebox
Helping remote managers build high achieving teams

When to use Peoplebox

It's used by managers and their remote teams every week for their one-on-one meetings. It's used to collaborate on agenda before one on ones, take notes and write action-items during and track action items, feedback, and motivation after the meetings.

Talscale Competitor 18 - OfficeSimplify
Manage employee time off the easy way

When to use OfficeSimplify

If you want a simple yet powerful solution for managing employees during their tenure at your company. Employees need quick responses to their time off requests, this tool helps managers achieve that yet staying in control with customisability and smart notifications