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The Top Chat automatically sends delayed Slack messages to people, chats and groups


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    Work no longer means staying at the computer, but delivering value on your terms. So if you'd like to go out, but need to wait to send that single slack message, just schedule the message and go out.

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    • Ivan Hanák

      Hello folks! 👋

      Did you ever feel like working, but hey, it’s not office hours now and when you send that message it will seem like you’re a workaholic - which lot of people are - but you don’t necessarily have to let the other people know that.

      But - what if you don’t want to put the message anywhere else than slack (yeah, why should you)? What if you forget it till morning?

      And that’s where the The Top Chat comes in.

      The The Chat let’s you simply /delay the messages in 10 minutes, /delay in 4 hours or even /delay till the morning.

      Also, The Top Chat will publish your messages on your behalf, so you can just think it, delay it and let it off your mind 🥳 .

      The most importantly - the messages are sent on behalf of your profile - so nobody would know any difference!

             reply     0      10 months ago