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14 Competitors to Twake

Open source team collaboration platform

When to use Twake

If you need to collaborate with your team and don't want to deploy 5 different tools at the same time

Twake Competitor 1 - Brosix
Advanced protection for your daily work communication.

When to use Brosix

For remote teams and businesses that are ready to make Brosix their daily communication tool. - For companies that want full control over their remote team and the complete feature package.

Twake Competitor 2 - Humble Dot
A free team communication tool that eliminates meetings

When to use Humble Dot

Humble Dot is a tool that builds efficient and high-quality communication without endless meetings.

Twake Competitor 3 - Unit.chat
Track and respond to messages from your subscribers from one platform

When to use Unit.chat

It is used by agencies who need to track and respond to reviews and questions from customers in many different social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc).

Twake Competitor 4 - Happeo
All-in-one enterprise social intranet, knowledge base and productivity platform

When to use Happeo

Happeo suits any sized companies using G Suite. It fits with businesses that aim to structure their dispersed tools by centralizing them into one solution and help connect the entire workforce

Twake Competitor 5 - YAC (Legacy)
Voice-only messaging platform for remote teams.

When to use YAC (Legacy)

Need to chat with someone on your remote team quickly but won't be an hour long conversation.

Twake Competitor 6 - ChatFox
Conversations that build Remote Team Culture.

When to use ChatFox

To foster a remote culture in your organization.

Twake Competitor 7 - Inoffice
Communication tool for remote teams

When to use Inoffice

Inoffice is used by remote developer teams as a form of communication tool

Twake Competitor 8 - Twist
Keep your conversations organized, on-topic and easy to find.

When to use Twist

- Fully remote teams
- Remote-friendly teams
- Teams of any size

Twake Competitor 9 - Flujo
Communication and Collaboration Suite for Teams

When to use Flujo

Whether you're a chain of grocery stores in a suburb or a creative agency with offices spread across continents — Flujo can do wonders to the way you work and train new members of your team.
Flujo is designed to scale as your teams grow so that the knowledge within your teams is easily accessible by anyone who joins your teams in the future

Twake Competitor 10 - Clergo
Teams eliminate back-and-forths and move faster with Clergo

When to use Clergo

If your remote team spends a significant amount of time going back and forth across meetings, email, and team chat to get work done.

Twake Competitor 11 - Oneteam
Enables teams to communicate and collaborate remotely

When to use Oneteam

When you need a secure team collaboration platform to help team members communicate effectively and securely within a single workflow application

Twake Competitor 12 - Scyre
Real-time messaging platform to collaborate with other entrepreneurs

When to use Scyre

Scyre helps those in the startup community connect with each other. Whether that means you're a founder, engineer, developer, or investor, you can join in to help create and be part of a motivating community in the startup world.

Twake Competitor 13 - Bunch.ai
Insights on how your team communicates on Slack and MS teams

When to use Bunch.ai

When you want to understand how your team morale, freedom of opinion, goal orientation and more are doing, to detect proactively if there are any problems arising in the team and to keep a healthy team culture in the long run.

Twake Competitor 14 - LocalBrackets
Find others who share your interests and socialise productively

When to use LocalBrackets

The ultimate vision is to get this platform to every kid (and even adults) in every locality, to help them know others better and to help meaningful brackets (communities) flourish - creating a healthy, playful and learning experience for all. LocalBrackets can also be used in large/small organizations to connect members/employees so that they are able to help each other out while being fully collaborated. LocalBrackets can also help increase productivity of new startups and entrepreneurs by connecting them easily to partners, suppliers, etc. Large manufacturers can use LocalBrackets to connect to smaller retailers as well.