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16 Competitors to Twine

Hire quality freelancers.

When to use Twine

Twine helps companies find quality freelancers when their "black book" fails them, saving costs from using recruiters, and saving time versus finding availability from your network.

Twine Competitor 1 - Flexiple
Community of top freelance developers and designers.

When to use Flexiple

If you want to find the best talent in a new technology or in general unrestricted by geography.

Twine Competitor 2 - Minty
Community of illustrators to hire for custom artwork

When to use Minty

Perfect for Designers, ArtDirectors, Publishing houses, Book Publishers, Communication Agencies, Journalists, Bloggers, Developers, Marketers, etc.

Twine Competitor 3 - Work From Home Jobs
All the remote jobs in one place.

When to use Work From Home Jobs

When looking for remote jobs

Twine Competitor 4 - InterviewPass
Run automated screening interviews for your job applicants

When to use InterviewPass

When hiring employees, especially when they're remote.

Twine Competitor 5 - TECLA
Interview and hire directly.

When to use TECLA

We work with companies ranging from pre-funded startups all the way to Fortune 500 companies.

Twine Competitor 6 - Toptal
Screened freelance talent.

When to use Toptal

If you need quality talent and can pay upwards of $50/hour, Toptal might be a good place for you

Twine Competitor 7 - Deel
Simplify payments for clients and contractors

When to use Deel

Deel is designed for companies working with independent contractors, locally or internationally. Its all-in-one solution provides clients and contractors with a contract, invoices and tax forms.

Twine Competitor 8 - Upwork
Freelance marketplace.

When to use Upwork

Best for very small companies where cost is the main concern or when the work is not very core to the company

Twine Competitor 9 - Remote Planet
Portal for remote workers and digital nomads

When to use Remote Planet

For remote workers, digital nomads, freelancers & travelers who wants to find a new job, new location to go, find a community, housing, co-working, info about the new city, etc. The best place to find curated data for your remote journey.

Twine Competitor 10 - Remote Woman
Work remotely at trusted companies.

When to use Remote Woman

Daily jobs posted

Twine Competitor 11 - FlatWorld.co
Matching-as-a-service - high quality matching of remote jobs

When to use FlatWorld.co

When a company is looking to hire great pre-vetted perfect fit remote-workers.

Twine Competitor 12 - HelloRemote
Land a new remote job, fast.

When to use HelloRemote

If you're looking for a new remote job, HelloRemote is for you.

Twine Competitor 13 - Hubstaff Talent
Find remote talent across the globe

When to use Hubstaff Talent

If you want to choose from thousands of remote talent to hire, or are looking for a freelancing gig yourself.

Twine Competitor 14 - Referral Booster
Boost your employee referral program

When to use Referral Booster

Referral Booster is perfect for companies preparing for long-term remote work and tapping into the growing pool of talent.

Twine Competitor 15 - Dynamite Jobs
The Most Human Remote Job Board.

When to use Dynamite Jobs

We specialize in helping founders who bootstrap their businesses to grow their remote teams. With an active customer service team, you will be guided through every step of the way to make sure you’re getting the right talent or we’ll help you adjust accordingly.

Twine Competitor 16 - WFH
Marketplace that matches remote candidates with remote jobs

When to use WFH

Companies looking to expand their remote team