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Weekdone is a powerful, yet simple weekly status repoing tool crafted to fit modern-day remote teams. It helps to keep everyone in the company up to date and simplify giving status updates

  • Description


    Weekdone is the tool for the modern day team. Whether it's a fully remote team or on-premise one, Weekdone helps to keep everyone on the same page and up to date on the progress of each project and task.

    With it's powerful employee satisfaction surveys and private 1-on-1 chats, Weekdone offers the closest experience to a live conversation with your manager or teammate for remote teams

  • Pricing


    • Free account for 1-3 users
    • For bigger teams we offer a 14-day trial
    • Complete Pricing
  • When to use

    When to use

    Weekdone is best suited for SMEs that want to keep track of tasks and projects when working in a remote-first environment.

    By combining industry-proven solutions for task management software and adding communication and feedback-friendly features, Weekdone is striving to become every modern company's go-to tool for weekly planning and team collaboration

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • Weekdone allows to plan, schedule and give updates on tasks and projects
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