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11 Competitors to whizwall

Collaborate remotely on shared augmented reality whiteboards

When to use whizwall

COVID-19 has resulted in widespread remote working and significantly reduced face to face contact in both business and education. Whizwall is targeted to individuals and organisations of any size and sector, addressing the resultant challenges they face making meetings, workshops and education more productive and engaging with many, if not all participants, attending remotely rather than in-person

whizwall Competitor 1 - Excelway
Lead visual meetings and manage projects

When to use Excelway

For visual meetings and workshops : creative, problem solving, and strategy

whizwall Competitor 2 - WebBoard
Collaborate with your team seamlessly

When to use WebBoard

Use if you need to collaborate with your class or team while working remotely.

whizwall Competitor 3 - Invision Freehand
Collaborate in real time with a digital whiteboard

When to use Invision Freehand

With Freehand, anyone—not just designers—can contribute. It’s the key to building better products, together

whizwall Competitor 4 - GroupMap
Real-time online brainstorming tool for meetings, workshops and more

When to use GroupMap

Facilitators, teachers, conference planners, remote teams. We cater to those who need an online way to brainstorm and collaborate with groups in real-time in an effortless and user friendly way.

whizwall Competitor 5 - LiveBoard
Cross-platform whiteboard application for all major platforms

When to use LiveBoard

LiveBoard is an interactive whiteboard best for:

► corporate training platforms
► online tutoring businesses
► schools
► educational institutions using whiteboards

whizwall Competitor 6 - Whiteboard Fox
Freely share your ideas online!

When to use Whiteboard Fox

Whiteboard Fox is best to use when you want to quickly collaborate with your team, maybe during a brainstorming session or other team meetings.

whizwall Competitor 7 - Deskle
Your team’s visual collaboration platform

When to use Deskle

Remote team collaboration on a boundless whiteboard with voice-chat and tailored templates

whizwall Competitor 8 - Miro
An online collaborative whiteboard platform to bring teams together

When to use Miro

Miro can be used for brainstorming, design thinking, Agile or Scrum rituals, user journey mapping, product requirements, UX flows or process flows, or user personas. The platform enables your team to use an infinite canvas to transform your physical whiteboard into a digital whiteboard

whizwall Competitor 9 - Lucidspark
Virtual whiteboard powering collaborative teams

When to use Lucidspark

Whether you’re a small business owner or an enterprise team leader, Lucidspark provides the brainstorming and organizing functionality you need to help your teams create, innovate, and stay aligned

whizwall Competitor 10 - Stormboard
Make your meetings better

When to use Stormboard

Use Stormboard’s shared workspace to generate more ideas, and then prioritize, organize, and refine those ideas to make your meetings, brainstorms, and projects more productive and effective

whizwall Competitor 11 - IPEVO Annotator
Draw and annotate on images

When to use IPEVO Annotator

IPEVO Annotator is particularly useful when you're presenting documents from your screen and want to highlight or mark up objects on your slides