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6 Competitors to Workspot

On-demand, highly customizable, high performance and secure VDI solution.

When to use Workspot

When you want to deploy apps on cloud or deploy multiple virtual desktops across different Azure regions or wish to deploy and manage cloud desktops on-premise and in Azure or ensure business continuity in case of a disaster, Workspot provides different products catering to these needs individually.

Workspot Competitor 1 - V2 Cloud
The simplest cloud desktop to scale your remote team.

When to use V2 Cloud

V2 Cloud is best to use when you're an SMB (small and midsize business) or if you're an ISV (Independent software vendors). If you're looking to scale your remote team, protect your data, monitor the time of your employees, and save high IT cost all at the same time, V2 Cloud is for you.

Workspot Competitor 2 - OpenSource ready-to-use Remote Desktop Solution
Opensource, MFA, Remote Desktop, Windows, Linux and Secure.

When to use OpenSource ready-to-use Remote Desktop Solution

No one wants to expose themselves unnecessarily to the risk of catching and carrying the Coronavirus. That is why PC workers rightly demand the possibility to work from home!
But not every company has already created the technical prerequisites for this. It is not easy to pull this out of the ground at short notice. That’s why we have designed a "first aid kit". Especially small and medium-sized companies can be treated very quickly – without investing in additional software.

Workspot Competitor 3 - Windows Virtual Desktop
Highly scalable, secure and multi-session virtualization experience using Azure Cloud.

When to use Windows Virtual Desktop

To deployment of desktop apps to the cloud quickly, to cut the cost of Windows server desktops and apps and optimize the cloud experience and to migrate and scale the existing Windows infrastructure to a virtualized setting using Azure.

Workspot Competitor 4 - Spatial
AR workspace for remote collaboration

When to use Spatial

Spatial is the next level of collaboration where 3D models and objects can be studied, demonstrations can be far more immersive, and virtual meetings can be far closer to real in-person meetings - but with the added benefit of infinite workspace

Workspot Competitor 5 - Paperspace
Reliable, secure and powerful cloud infrastructure for your most demanding applications.

When to use Paperspace

For building large powered applications that require GPU's to perform at optimal levels, cloud VM's coupled with GPU's can serve the need. For enterprises that require fully managed GPU services so as to focus on core business activities, Paperspace's GPU cloud tools can be integrated in their existing workflows.

Workspot Competitor 6 - Amazon WorkSpaces
Migrate your existing infrastructure to AWS cloud or deploy desktops & apps across a global workforce using Amazon WorkSpace solutions.

When to use Amazon WorkSpaces

In order to achieve significant savings in IT capex investment which comes with setting up new offices, replacing existing on-premise VDI infrastructure and scale desktop and application deployments across a global workforce, Amazon WorkSpaces solutions can serve the need.