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3 Competitors to Yousign

Secure, legally binding electronic signature, adapted for Europe.

When to use Yousign

Yousign's eSignature solution is for people who want to shortcut the whole print-sign-scan-send process when signing documents, and gain productivity while saving on paper.

Yousign Competitor 1 - Navigator
Workspaces for remote meetings

When to use Navigator

Navigator creates a collaborative workspace for each meeting. For easy access, a link to the workspace is added to the meeting’s calendar event.

Yousign Competitor 2 - GitBook
A place to think and track ideas for you and your team

When to use GitBook

With GitBook you can:
- Collaborate asynchronously with your team, comment and review drafts before publishing
- Share your knowledge publicly or privately with anyone
- Enjoy a living documentation
- Add value to your documentation by customizing your space to match your branding

Yousign Competitor 3 - Additor
The living knowledge library for modern collaborators.

When to use Additor

Our main targets are IT teams, cross-functional teams, marketing team, design team, researcher, freelancers, creative agencies, and anyone who organize information, write notes, and share knowledge with collaborators.