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    • Dmytro Nazarenkov

      Great tool for remote work, even better (and cheaper!) than Jira

             reply     0      about 2 months ago
    • Oleksii Gulai

      Z-stream is cool bug-tracking system with user-friendly interface. Easy to use. Manage 35+ team effectively. Good reporting and custom boards and filters which others do not provide.

             reply     0      about 2 months ago
    • Michael Ignatiev

      Very satisfied with Z-stream in terms of remote work. It aligns very good with agile product management methodologies. It’s very flexible and in general able to meet the most requirements raised during project life cycle.

             reply     0      21 days ago
    • Max Pogreb

      Very useful and smart tool. The most important features - Task management and Time logging are developed on highest level. It makes usage of application easy and efficient for remote work and for work from office as well.

             reply     0      21 days ago
    • Roman Fedorchuk

      Z-stream is a great tool for organizing your workflow, so you can assign tasks, track progress, and more. Can be integrated with other tools. I really like the elements that help to work in the Scrum methodology. Easily ensures that tasks are completed on time.

             reply     0      20 days ago
    • Denys Oleschenko
      @denis.oleshchenko, Software Engineer, iDgital

      This tool has a lot of different features and helps to manage projects. Cool and flexible boards + configurable list of tasks and many other parts make this tool very convenient.

             reply     0      18 days ago