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What is REI3?

REI3 is a business management software with a low-code application builder that is open-source, free to use and expandable.

  • About REI3

    About REI3

    REI3 is a Business Management Software that is built on modern web technologies.

    It is open-source, free to use and expandable, anyone can use REI3 to address business software needs.

    A growing number of business applications are already available.

    Track employee time, manage tasks, control assets and much more with REI3 applications.

    Or expand them easily with a graphical Builder.

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  • When to use REI3

    When to use REI3

    Fulfill basic business management needs, including time tracking, asset tracking & task management.

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • REI3 can create powerful business applications, that is shareable with everyone.
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