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What is Remote Work 2020?

Remote Work 2020 is your definitive guide to state of remote work and working remotely in 2020.

  • About Remote Work 2020

    About Remote Work 2020

    Remote Work 2020 is your go-to resource this year. A combination of -
    1. State of remote work basis survey of 331 remote workers
    2. 7000+ word guide basis interactions with leaders of distributed teams & successful remote workers
    3. 5 Podcasts & 13 stories

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  • When to use Remote Work 2020

    When to use Remote Work 2020

    Used by new and veteran remote workers for managing a remote team, battling loneliness and building culture in a remote setting.

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • Remote Work 2020 is the culmination of efforts and learnings basis personal experiences, insights from our conversations with leaders of top remote companies & remote-first makers, and stories of successful remote workers.
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