Team Chat:Slack - Logo
Slack is where work flows. It's where the people you need, the information you share, and the tools you use come together to get things done.
Icebreaker Games:Trivia - Logo
Play 1000s of exciting quizzes to take short breaks from work and engage with teammates for fun right inside Slack and Microsoft Teams. Bring Social & Fun back to your workplace with Trivia!
Virtual Office:Remo.co - Logo
Remo is a video-first virtual workspace for remote and distributed teams that fosters real-time collaboration and strengthens company culture.
Team Chat:Zoho Cliq - Logo
Zoho Cliq simplifies your team communication with organized conversations, information that's easy to find and by connecting to the tools you love.
Time Tracking:Apploye - Logo
All-in-one productivity and time tracking tool that helps you for employee scheduling, apps and URL tracking, GPS location tracker and much more for your employee productivity.
Visual Collaboration:Greenlight - Logo
Greenlight makes it easy to simply drop a comment on any html element of a web page. Even the ones that are behind a login
Visual Collaboration:Heurio - Logo
Heurio is a collaboration tool for people creating websites. Perfect for UX check, design, development & copywriting review, heuristic evaluation, user testing, and more
Icebreaker Games:Skyrocket Your Team - Logo
Skyrocket Your Team offers virtual escape rooms designed to boost engagement, team spirit and communication skills
Team Chat:Twist - Logo
Twist is a team communication app that keeps conversations organized, on-topic and easy to find (forever). Ranked by PCMag as the #1 communication app for distributed teams. From Doist, the 100% remote team behind Todoist.
Icebreaker Games:Bored - Logo
Bored brings fun and social games for remote teams to play together right within Slack. Accuse and deceive your teammates, test your trivia knowledge or take short 2-minute breaks by yourself
Hiring Remote Talent:Flexiple - Logo
We help companies build great tech products. Grow your firm by working with the best freelance developers and designers from top tech companies such as Amazon, Adobe and Microsoft, amongst others.
Design Collaboration:Bluescape - Logo
Bluescape offers secure visual collaboration for the enterprise. Virtual workspaces enable remote workers to whiteboard online and present and review work from any room, any device, anywhere in the world
Virtual Office:oVice - Logo
oVice creates a 2D virtual spaces for lifelike communication. Virtually walk, talk, and interact in a space that's easily customizable and manageable at oVice
Document Collaboration:Slite - Logo
Slite helps remote teams share ideas, save knowledge, and work together anytime, any place.
Time Tracking:Toggl - Logo
Toggl makes time tracking so simple you’ll actually use it. But even if you forget, our tracking reminders and idle detection have your back.
Time Tracking:Hubstaff - Logo
Spend less time tracking and more time growing. Get work done faster with the easiest time tracking platform.
Mail Communication:Loop Email - Logo
Loop Email's Shared Inbox makes teamwork on email simple and painless. Share the workload by assigning incoming emails to colleagues, discussing emails with your team via side-chat and have an overview of all client conversations.
Productivity:Rock - Logo
Rock is an all-in-one productivity app for teams that combines messaging with tasks, notes, files, and seamlessly integrates with Zoom and Google Drive. All from one space
Note Taking:GetCommit - Logo
GetCommit is effortless knowledge transfer software that builds connections between knowledge and between people to change culture
Other Tools & Resources:Incognito for Slack - Logo
Incognito for Slack lets you gather anonymous messages & polls. Learn how your team really feels. Can be used in town halls, ideation, feedback, and more
Productivity:Fexspace - Logo
Enhance team collaboration and improve productivity with all your tools in one place using Fexspace
Mail Communication:Zoho Mail - Logo
Zoho mail is a secure and reliable communication medium for your business.
Project Management:Paymo - Logo
Paymo is all about helping your team work happy. It does so by bringing task management, planning, resource scheduling, time tracking and invoicing under an intuitive, yet robust platform.
Virtual Office:Wurkr - Logo
Wurkr is a video platform that replicates your physical office - online! You can communicate and work with your distributed or remote colleagues visibly and in real-time wherever they may be.
Project Management:Nifty - Logo
Nifty is the first modern workflow and project management hub to consolidate all your work in one place.
Self Care:Calmist.pro - Logo
Calmist.pro is a simple background sound generator, guided meditations, ASMR sounds with a text editor, and just super soothing background videos
Productivity:Taskade - Logo
Taskade is the remote workspace for getting things done. We are building a real-time organization and collaboration for distributed teams
Digital Nomads:Offsyte - Logo
Offsyte is a marketplace for amazing virtual team outings! Explore highly-rated, unique, amazing team outing ideas on Offsyte - from remote ramen class to virtual trivia games, and much more
Healthcare Software:SafetyWing - Remote Health - Logo
A full-fledged health insurance option for remote teams and companies to have one plan which works around the globe. Add or remove employees any-time, whether they are full-time on a salary or part-time hourly.
Document Collaboration:Document360 - Logo
Document360 is a Knowledge Base Software. It is a knowledge base creation platform that lets you create, collaborate and publish a self-service knowledge base portal for internal users and customers
Team Chat:Flujo - Logo
With natively built key business essentials like Messaging, Audio/Video calling, Drive, Meetings, Tasks, Calendar, Notes, and Kanbans — Flujo is on a mission to create connected & productive workspaces
Project Management:nTask - Logo
nTask is an all-in-one work management software used by smart teams and individuals. It is more than just a project management application to get more done and meet the deadlines
Visual Collaboration:Knock. - Logo
Knock. is developing virtual offices to help distributed teams work closely with a fun and efficient collaboration tool.
Employee Management:Fellow.app - Logo
Fellow helps managers and their teams have more effective 1-on-1s and team meetings, exchange feedback, and track goals - all in one place!
Document Collaboration:Additor - Logo
Additor is the new standard of docs for collaborators, from remote workers to cross-functional teams, to organize various types of information and share insight.
Recruiting Software:QPage - Logo
QPage helps founders and recruiters stop time-wasting manual activities by providing an autopilot recruiting procedure. Providing whatever you'll need for a perfect hiring
Employee Management:Nailted - Logo
Nailted guides you, and your entire organization, to apply best practices on employee engagement toward the creation of a culture that everyone wants to belong to
Video Communication:Zoom - Logo
Zoom is an enterprise video communications tool, with a cloud platform for video and audio conferencing, collaboration, chat, and webinars across mobile devices, desktops, telephones, and room systems.
Video Communication:VidioCall - Logo
VidioCall lets you answer critical questions of consumers. When integrated with Slack and other CRM products, sales agents can demo a product over video call helping in complete a purchase step by step
Design Collaboration:Figma - Logo
A better way to design. Each contributor owns their part of the creative process and stays in sync along the way—across any platform.
Idea Management:Retrium - Logo
Retrium is a platform for agile retrospectives that enables teams to continuously improve.
Project Management:TaskOnBot - Logo
TaskOnBot is a task management app for Slack teams. TaskOnBot helps individuals, teams or businesses stay organized
Virtual Coffee:fikaTime - Logo
Working remotely should not feel like working alone. fikaTime builds socially connected teams by pairing up employees for some intentional downtime and human conversation
Visual Collaboration:Plutoview - Logo
Plutoview brings multiple sharable screens to dispersed teams, making their remote collaboration feel like it's actually happening at the same table
Employee Management:Heartpace - Logo
Heartpace gives all the tools you need to achieve remarkable results with highly engaged employees. Conduct prepared 1:1s Meetings, set OKRs and create an effective routine for your remote teams
Employee Management:MyLenio - Logo
MyLenio is an all-in-one platform that allows your Small Business to get organized properly. HR + IT + Compliance
Payroll Solution:Remote - Logo
Remote offers international payroll, benefits, taxes, and compliance for businesses big and small
Video Communication:MeetButter - Logo
MeetButter is an all-in-one video conferencing tool for workshops, interactive meetings, and live courses. Run a great workshop with breakout rooms, timed agendas, polls and much more!
Meeting Assistant:SoapBox Sidekick - Logo
The SoapBox Sidekick is an AI-powered meeting assistant designed to help managers and their teams with their day-to-day productivity and organization.
Employee Management:CoachBot - Logo
Software that coaches managers to have continuous performance development conversations remotely, leading the whole team to create effective operating habits that stick.
Time Tracking:TMetric - Logo
TMetric provides accurate time tracking, diverse options of tasks and projects scope management, real-time reports for the in-depth analysis, billing, invoicing, pay-rolling
File Hosting:Starfiles - Logo
Starfiles is a free file sharing service that lets you share files without making an account
Employee Management:Hilo - Logo
We are building a platform where teams share the high and low of their workday anonymously with team leaders. Currently a slack bot with web dashboard integration. Giving insight to unknown issues.
Hiring Remote Talent:Fair Remote - Logo
Posting jobs is easy, but expensive. Get one free job post each month on us.
Employee Management:Back - Logo
Back is an employee service platform for internal operations teams to organize and automate all employee requests and processes on one intuitive platform.
Video Communication:Smidge - Logo
Instant 1:1, video conversations with users. Install Smidge on your web-app to find and talk with users who are actively using your product. No more emails, surveys, and meeting requests
Code Version Control:Github - Logo
GitHub is a development platform inspired by the way you work. From open source to business, you can host and review code, manage projects, and build software alongside 28 million developers.
Guides:Remote Work 2020 - Logo
Remote Work 2020 is your definitive guide to state of remote work and working remotely in 2020.
Document Collaboration:Yousign - Logo
Yousign offers a secure, easy-to-use, and legally binding electronic signature solution, adapted to European needs.
Team Building:TeamBuddy - Logo
Teambuddy is a web app integrated with Slack - it'll help you build a better team
Productivity:CTO.ai - Logo
Easily bring your developer tools where communication happens. CTO.ai is the shared command-line for teams, in Slack
Scheduling:Calbot - Logo
Calbot helps busy professionals schedule meetings when different calendar systems don't talk to each other
Other Tools & Resources:Neno - Logo
Connect with like-minded professionals nearby and around the world, record your short video introduction and showcase what you like outside of work and your professional experience
Hiring Remote Talent:Crewscale - Logo
Join the remote revolution today! We’ll connect you with the right candidates handpicked from our pre-vetted pool of talent across the globe
Bug Tracking:Linear - Logo
Linear is an issue tracking tool that keeps everyone aligned and working without friction. Engineers, designers, and peers – all collaborating in one tool
Icebreaker Games:HomeWerk - Logo
HomeWerk automates short weekly team building activities which have been designed to help teams have fun and talk about everything and anything - but work!
Remote Whiteboard:Lucidspark - Logo
From the makers of Lucidchart, Lucidspark is a virtual whiteboard where teams can brainstorm, collaborate, and organize in real time to move their best ideas from ideation to reality
Video Communication:All Hands - Logo
Send frequent video updates to your team, and measure engagement with All Hands
Video Communication:Reslash - Logo
Break free from the stack of video boxes. Have multiple spontaneous conversations. Move around in a single space just like in real life. No need to jump calls instead, build real connections virtually!
Productivity:OneBar - Logo
OneBar allows you to build a Knowledge Base for your team using your Slack conversations as raw material. Save useful conversations, organize collected knowledge and use it by talking to a Slack-bot
Project Management:Rymotely - Logo
Rymotely is everything freelancers, self-employed, and digital nomad run their business
Other Tools & Resources:Crash - Logo
Stand out on the job hunt and showcase your skills and personality through a video pitch instead of the boring, traditional resume. Get hired faster at a company that excites you!
Project Management:Tara.AI - Logo
Tara helps teams deliver on planned release cycles, with more predictability. Run weekly sprints on time
Productivity:Krisp - Logo
Krisp is a noise cancelling app for calls that makes remote professionals and teams more productive. It removes background noise from both ends of the call in real time.It can be paired with any conferencing, streaming, recording app.
Recruiting Software:Hiyaa - Logo
Remote-first video interviewing platform for the new normal of working
Time Tracking:Timesheet - Logo
Timesheet allows you to record your working hours with a simple push of a button. Manage your projects and share them with your team. You can easily add breaks, expenses, and notes
Remote Job Boards:Euroremote - Logo
Euroremote is a job board for European applicants. Remote job posts are manually curated daily and accept European applicants and/or operate within European friendly time zones
Code Collaboration:Mockadillo - Logo
Easily mock an entire API in minutes, see request history, communicate requirements, simulate errors, decouple teams and speed up development
Team Chat:Grow - Logo
Easily give and request high-quality feedback with your team to achieve more together - right within Slack!
Icebreaker Games:Atium - Logo
Atium offers a library of original virtual games designed to build connection, topped by a Slack integration to make it effortless for your team to plan, schedule, and participate
Newsletters:The Remote Weekly - Logo
The Remote Weekly goes out every Wednesday and brings to you original content, product tips and latest stories around remote working.
Video Communication:Weet - Logo
Weet allows you to have asynchronous conversations with anyone. Weet includes instant recording, screen sharing, virtual background, video filters, emoji reactions, and in-video rich comment options
Virtual Desktop:V2 Cloud - Logo
The simplest cloud desktop to scale your remote team. We help businesses to securely access data, applications, documents, and other resources from anywhere on any device via a web browser.
Team Chat:Twake - Logo
Twake is an open source platform that improves your teamwork. Team chat, file storage, task management, team calendar and everything you need is on Twake in SaaS or self-hosted
Virtual Office:Kosy Office - Logo
Kosy is a virtual office for companies to be more connected, social, and productive where teammates can work, play, network, and collaborate together
Team Chat:DailyBot - Logo
DailyBot reduces the need for meetings by automating stand-ups, daily status reports, retrospectives and periodic check-ins
Document Collaboration:ONLYOFFICE - Logo
ONLYOFFICE is a fast and secure web-based office suite that comprises powerful online document editors and multiple productivity tools: Mail, CRM, document and project management, calendar, chat, blogs, forums, polls, etc.
Goal Tracker:theLIFEBOARD - Logo
theLIFEBOARD is an app that encourages you to plan and review your weeks. In addition, it provides tons of hand-picked resources to help you succeed in achieving your goals and creating new habits
Icebreaker Games:Afino - Logo
Afino learns about what types of activities your team loves, then plans and hosts them for you! Put time back in your day while building a great culture for your team
Code Collaboration:CodeKeep - Logo
Codekeep lets you store and share bits of code and text with other users. Snippets can be organized into folders/labels for instant reuse
Productivity:Queues - Logo
Queues is a productivity tool for team members. It connects with the collaborative tools your team uses and provides you with your own dedicated space for managing your own work
Project Management:Lumeer - Logo
Plan, organize and track in an easy, visual and powerful tool. Flexible to grow with your needs. Connects tasks, clients, projects, features, incidents, invoices, etc.
Other Tools & Resources:Circles for Zoom - Logo
Circles is a new way to experience Zoom meetings that turns each participant into a circle on your screen to get Zoom out of your way so you can take notes, multi-task, and get your desktop back
Other Tools & Resources:Process Street - Logo
Process Management frees you from worrying about all the details. Keep your team organized. Assign or automate tasks. Track progress. Train new employees.
Virtual Coffee:Chinwag - Logo
Chinwag is a browser plugin that helps a remote team have impromptu chats, just like you'd have if you were working in the same office
Guides:Building Remotely - Logo
Building Remotely is a podcast and resource center that uncovers advice and wisdom from the world's top remote leaders
Project Management:Kitemaker - Logo
Kitemaker is a fast, efficient and delightful issue tracker that improves the way you build products by helping your team work better and collaborate more closely
Document Collaboration:Slideshare - Logo
Don't keep your audience waiting for a follow-up email! Sharing slides or resources has never been easier. Upload your content, add your custom QR code to any presentation and streamline sharing
Document Collaboration:ntile - Logo
Organize your company management in a single space. Make decisions, assign tasks, control your work process in one browser window.
To-do List:Mentalist - Logo
Mentalist allows you to manage all your lists in a single page. Everything from shopping lists to todos to personal notes
File Hosting:Google Drive - Logo
Store your files securely and open or edit them from any device using Google Drive.
Team Chat:Just Ask - Logo
Just Ask is a free Q&A tool to help make remote meetings and events more productive. You can ask questions anonymously, upvote/ downvote questions in real-time, and see all questions from participants.
Employee Management:Wondder - Logo
Wondder's mission is to transform and empower people and organizations. Wondder brings you the state of the art Diversity & Inclusion Training – in Virtual Reality
Meeting Assistant:Remote Workly - Logo
Remoteworkly lets you create meetings that lead to successful actionable outcomes. We help teams hold fewer unwanted meetings and improve the quality of their conversations
Employee Management:TeamHR - Logo
TeamHR is for managing employees remotely. It enables the HR team to handle every aspect of employee management with a stable and reliable web application that can be scaled to meet your needs
Video Communication:Voodle - Logo
Voodle is the short async video app for business. Teams use Voodle to quickly capture, share, and discover important moments as they happen, keeping them in-sync and aligned.
Time Tracking:Hyperlogs - Logo
Time Tracking has never been this easy. Hyperlogs is the most comprehensive easy-to-use time tracking, expense, and invoicing app for all your projects and teams. Put those spreadsheets down!
Meeting Assistant:Fireflies.ai - Logo
Unlimited & free recordings and transcriptions of every meeting. Fireflies.ai is an AI that joins your meetings and shares the valuable information with everyone in your team, no matter where they are.
Remote Job Boards:Wrils - Logo
Wrils is a job board that helps you find the best remote work jobs: developer, design, marketing, and more
Document Collaboration:UsefulPDF - Logo
UsefulPDF is a PDF editor, converter, and management tool. It allows you to sign documents, streamline your workflow, and optimize results
Other Tools & Resources:Hostman - Logo
Hostman lets you deploy your web app/ website from any repository in 5 minutes using a friendly interface
Invoicing Software:Invoice Ninja - Logo
Invoice Ninja is used to create & email invoices, track payments and expenses, and time billable tasks & projects for clients
Hiring Remote Talent:Arc - Logo
Arc is a remote developer hiring platform (contract & permanent). Arc makes it easier for fast-growing companies to hire expert developers across all time zones and tech stacks
Idea Management:Walling - Logo
Walling is the most intuitive tool to capture ideas, organize content and visually work through projects and research
Productivity:Tabwave - Logo
Tabwave is a mindful productive app to replace your browser's new tab. Boost your productivity by adding shortcuts, daily tasks and goals, sticky notes, and the Pomodoro technique
Other Tools & Resources:Gator - Logo
Gator adds intelligent scheduled delivery to your Slack messages. Send a message with "/gator" and Gator will automatically schedule it to be delivered at 9:00 AM in your recipient's time zone
Other Tools & Resources:Apteo - Logo
Apteo's Predictive Insights is a no-code analytics solution to automatically find the key drivers of their KPIs in a matter of minutes. Predict user churn, employee engagement, sales forecasts, & more
Remote Job Boards:Arbeitnow - Logo
Arbeitnow helps you find remote Jobs in Europe, UK & the USA. Your dream move, two clicks away
Remote Whiteboard:Collaboard - Logo
Our mission is to connect all the great talents around the world on an online whiteboard.Sketch your projects and your dreams on an unlimited canvas
Idea Management:TeleRetro - Logo
TeleRetro brings the best retro experience to distributed teams, it empowers honest and effective discussion to help teams discover issues that matter, make an action plan, and continuously improve
Other Tools & Resources:Common Surface - Logo
The future of work is flexible work. Make sure your company is ready with a platform to boost productivity, to keep your employees happy and to create a more forward-facing dynamic office culture.
Employee Management:AllyBot - Logo
Your team deserves to feel included at work. Promote inclusive language in Slack and help your team become better allies with AllyBot
Visual Collaboration:Creately - Logo
Creately is a visual collaboration platform that helps teams communicate ideas, concepts, plans, etc. through an infinite, scalable canvas, real-time syncing platform
Team Chat:Clergo - Logo
Clergo helps teams eliminate endless back-and-forths on meetings, team chat & email, and execute faster
Remote Whiteboard:whizwall - Logo
Whizwall app users can draw, write and collaborate remotely on large, shared Augmented Reality whiteboards, using their mobile as an air mouse and replicating the experience of a physical whiteboard
Note Taking:Notion - Logo
A new tool that blends your everyday work apps into one. It's the all-in-one workspace for you and your team to collaborate and share notes.
Employee Management:Axel - Logo
Axel is a virtual assistant full of advice and tips, who helps you be a better manager in an intuitive way
Hiring Remote Talent:RemoteWorks - Logo
RemoteWorks helps you discover the best remote opportunities in software development. We match your skills to great jobs, with companies you want, using languages you love.
Productivity:AhoyTeam - Logo
AhoyTeam empowers distributed teams to save valuable time and be more efficient with a new way of tackling workflows
OKR Software:Amby - Logo
Bridge the gap between strategy & execution with intuitive and robust OKR (Objective Key result) software
Idea Management:GoRetro - Logo
Run team sprint retrospectives easily, quickly, and absolutely free for all boards, members, projects, and teams
Other Tools & Resources:Beacon - Logo
Beacon makes the output from any SQL query accessible to everyone in your team by posting the results right in Slack. You can share and save your favourite queries for the whole team to use
Bug Tracking:Bugbattle - Logo
Bugbattle accelerates the bug reporting process at every stage of your app or website
Remote Job Boards:Bergamot - Logo
Bergamot aggregates remote tech vacancies from over 150,000 companies' career pages and provides powerful full-text search
Code Collaboration:CodeStream - Logo
Request a review on any code, regardless of the state of your repo, even on WIP. Ditch the friction of save, branch, commit, push, create PR, email, pull, and so on. Review code with full source-tree
Bug Tracking:Github Issues - Logo
Use issues to track ideas, enhancements, tasks, or bugs for work on GitHub. Many projects collect user feedback via a central bug tracker. GitHub's tracker is called "Issues," and can be used with every repository.
Productivity:TicList - Logo
TicList is a task management tool built to simplify the process of creating and managing tasks in a single line, using a unique expression language
Virtual Office:WTEAM - Logo
WTEAM is a virtual workplace for remote & distributed teams. Make video calls, co-work, and chat in one click and celebrate success
Design Collaboration:InVision - Logo
A digital product design platform powering world's best user experiences, InVision facilitates end to end designing with its product suite consisting of 3 apps - Cloud, DSM, and Studio.
Other Tools & Resources:RootLo App - Logo
RootLo is a mobile application helping companies and employees to successfully navigate the structural shift in where work is done
Mail Communication:Gmail (Business) - Logo
Google-hosted email for your domain with 30GB of storage and 24/7 support. Includes the full G Suite - Google calendar, docs, and chat.
Other Tools & Resources:Approveit Today - Logo
Approveit Today is the App for Slack that provides a faster and more convenient approval workflow
Digital Nomads:Tour - Logo
Tour is a mobile app that lets you discover places to go, things to do, and create beautiful itineraries with drag & drop
Idea Management:FunRetro - Logo
Collaborate with your remote team and get better in what you do with a simple, intuitive and beautiful tool.
Project Management:Z-Stream - Logo
Z-Stream is an ultimate agile management, product development, and issue-tracking tool
Guides:The Remote Working Chronicles - Logo
Personal stories of successful remote workers - motivation, transition, challenges, likes/ dislikes & their overall journey.
Newsletters:Remotists - Logo
Receive high-paying remote jobs in your mailbox with Remotists from 2500+ top remote companies
Team Chat:Whuups - Logo
Whuups is a free instant messaging app available on smartphones, desktop computers and via all internet browsers. Make voice calls, send instant messages, set up video conferences and share files for socialising or professional purposes
Employee Management:Peoplebox - Logo
Helping managers build high achieving teams through meaningful one-on-ones, continuous feedback, motivation & performance tracking and closing action items that matter.
Productivity:Centro - Logo
Centro brings Slack, email, and Salesforce together, where collaboration and responsiveness directly translate to time saved and higher customer satisfaction
Focus:Focused Work - Logo
Focused Work is a productivity app for students & people working from home, who find it hard to focus and use their time effectively
Invoicing Software:Invoicy - Logo
Generate unlimited invoices and estimates by using Invoicy, a free online invoicing software
Idea Management:ProdCamp - Logo
ProdCamp lets you collect customer feedback and store it in a single repository, analyze and prioritize, and ship what's needed the most
Hiring Remote Talent:WFH - Logo
A marketplace that matches talented remote candidates with high demand remote job opportunities around the world
Time Tracking:Remoty - Logo
Keep your team in sync with time-tracking and progress updates right from your slack workspace
Digital Nomads:Roamer - Logo
Know before you go. Travel the world, or plan the perfect workcation. Roamer is a chrome extension that helps you find Airbnbs in neighborhoods with fast internet
Other Tools & Resources:TiniPoll - Logo
Free online polling platform for remote meetings, lectures, online events, webinars or just for fun. One-click setup; anonymous with no registration
Remote Scanner:ABBYY FineScanner AI 8 - Logo
ABBYY FineScanner is a scanning app that turns your mobile device into a productivity tool to quickly capture docs and books, create digital copies in PDF and DOCX, and recognize text on scans for further edit
Document Collaboration:Kbee - Logo
Kbee transforms your Google Docs into a searchable and branded knowledge base. Write your articles in Docs and relax. Kbee takes care of publishing and updating articles in your knowledge base
Design Collaboration:Capsule - Logo
With Capsule you can collaborate and leave design feedback directly on top of any website. Instead of sending separate messages or documents, you can now comment on the UI directly with Capsule
Employee Management:OpusLoop - Logo
Opusloop is a solution for connected workforce. Its employee app where employees can speak out anonymously (or named) and it helps change employee behavior by fostering the culture of feedback & recognition
Other Tools & Resources:UserGuiding - Logo
UserGuiding helps companies to improve product adoption by designing interactive user onboarding flows. Non-technical people can create step by step product walkthroughs, without any coding
Other Tools & Resources:blurweb.app - Logo
Blurweb.app is an extension that helps people doing live screen sharing or recording video to safeguard their sensitive information
Design Collaboration:Vectorly - Logo
Build engaged and productive teams. Develop skills, share knowledge, understand skill gaps, make continuous review, and have a full picture of your team skills with Vectorly.
Visual Collaboration:CloudApp - Logo
Record your screen as a video with your voice & face, an annotated image, or a GIF and instantly share it as a link to get your point across
Productivity:Drup - Logo
Bookmarks for work stuff with better previews, built-in search, and organization. Teams can save everything in a shared space, follow an activity feed, and find the right thing without having to ask
Employee Management:Unicorn Train - Logo
Unicorn Train is the easiest way for teammates to recognize each other for doing great things. Start building relationships, boosting morale, and encouraging awesomeness today
Scheduling:EngageBay - Logo
EngageBay is an affordable, all-in-one Marketing, Sales, and Support CRM for growing businesses
Employee Management:Remote Work Scorecard - Powered by Humantelligence - Logo
In 12 minutes, measure your behaviors, motivators, and ideal work environment for an individual employee or a team with personalized tips, insights, & recommendations to improve remote performance.
Productivity:Attio - Logo
Attio is a fully customizable workspace for your team's relationships and workflows.
Idea Management:IdeaPod - Logo
Ideapod is a beautiful, collaborative place for all those ideas coming in from your team and your users. Give them a voice and gain priceless insights.
Productivity:Zoomies - Logo
Zoomies is a chrome extension that connects with multiple work and personal calendars. It allows you to join your Zoom meetings from one-place with one-click
Project Management:Ricotta - Logo
Ricotta is an OKR goal setting and management app on Slack. Featured as ‘New and Noteworthy’ on Slack. We want to make OKRs super easy to implement and cost-effective
Productivity:Parabol - Logo
Parabol is a free, open-source retrospective and check-in meeting app that builds a timeline of your team's work history. Parabol integrates with popular tools such as GitHub, Atlassian Jira, Confluence, Slack, and more.
Icebreaker Games:Doodle - Logo
Doodle is a team bonding tool where people take turns drawing and guessing prompts. The faster you guess, the more points you get
Idea Management:OpinionX - Logo
OpinionX helps Founders & PMs to use Stripe's idea validation method to understand how important their problem is to target customers. Build products customers love by solving their biggest problems
Icebreaker Games:DOOZY - Logo
Easily create games using our massive question bank with support for gifs and images. Great fun for up to 100 players with realtime reactions and leaderboards
Project Management:Trello - Logo
Trello is the easy, free, flexible, and visual way to manage your projects and organize anything.
Productivity: Rimuut - Logo
Rimuut enables freelancers to work just like a corporation by giving them the ability to create tax-deductible invoices, agreements and get paid fast
Productivity:Fabriq - Logo
Still using a browser to do work? Fabriq is the new workstation for the gig economy.
Remote Whiteboard:Ayoa - Logo
Ayoa is an all-in-one online whiteboard where you can brainstorm ideas, work together and get things done
Scheduling:Undock - Logo
Welcome to Predictive Scheduling. See instant suggestions for mutually preferred meeting times - right in your email. Meet with people across different organizations, calendars and time zones.
Hiring Remote Talent:Remote Woman - Logo
Work remotely at trusted companies. Marketing, design, develop, support & more.
Document Collaboration:Google Docs - Logo
Google Docs brings your documents to life with smart editing and styling tools to help you easily format text and paragraphs.
Standups:Geekbot - Logo
Join thousands of teams that use Geekbot to automate standups, surveys, and daily reports.
Startup Resources:CallsRedirect - Logo
CallsRedirect provides a phone number for your business and redirects calls to your cell phone. No Internet or app needed
Employee Management:Inkrement - Logo
Feedback is critical to growth. Give and request real-time feedback in Slack. Even anonymously
Form Builder :PentryForms - Logo
PentryForms allow you to collect information that is filled out on a website form when the user doesn't click the submit button
Other Tools & Resources:Minerva - Logo
Minerva empowers you to capture and share dynamic workflows for any website
Bug Tracking:Disbug - Logo
Reporting bugs can be tedious, time-consuming, subjective, and with missing details. Disbug helps you report bugs with screen recordings, technical logs etc, and post to Jira/Trello automatically
Meeting Assistant:Clockwise - Logo
Clockwise is an intelligent calendar assistant that frees up your time so you can work on what matters
Self Care:Mooditude - Logo
Mooditude is a practical, modern-day solution for your mental health and well-being. Take advantage of the same tools used by clinical psychologists— tools that are proven to work
Code Version Control:Gitlab - Logo
GitLab is the first single application built from the ground up for all stages of the DevOps lifecycle for Product, Development, QA, Security, and Operations teams to work concurrently on the same project.
Digital Nomads:OnsiteFun - Logo
OnsiteFun was born from the need to maintain and improve professional and human relations within companies, in environments where teams are not in an office
Scheduling:Calendar - Logo
Calendar is a desktop and mobile platform designed to make individuals, teams, and small businesses more productive through calendar sharing and automated scheduling
Team Chat:Commons - Logo
Commons is audio-first and helps your team: Resolve issues faster via instant, real-time conversation, Have ad hoc brainstorms, and Feel more connected by enabling small talk
Scheduling:Meetter - Logo
All your meets at once — no more meetings scattered throughout the day
Video Communication:urLive - Logo
urLive is a video and messaging platform that allows anyone to contact you at the click-of-a-link whether they be family, friends, colleagues, clients or prospects.
Project Management:ProofHub - Logo
ProofHub is a cloud-based solution that brings everything, everyone together in one place and makes it easier, smarter, and faster to get things done.
Productivity:Hours.zone - Logo
Hours lets you create virtual work sessions and stay accountable with others remotely. Easily create a work session, invite others, and get to work!
Team Building:Kooler - Logo
Kooler is a platform for building culture amongst remote teams. Celebrate your company values. Enable opportunities for organic discussions
Team Building:Kaapi - Logo
Kaapi helps remote leaders build happy high-performance, remote teams. Kaapi has 120+ well-researched questions in its library, which can be used by managers to check in with their teams automatically
Hiring Remote Talent:HelloRemote - Logo
HelloRemote connects great companies, with the best remote employees around the world.
Productivity:My WFH in Emails - Logo
My WFH in Emails is a free tool that uses Gmail data to show you how working from home has changed your habits and productivity — helping you set healthier boundaries to avoid burnout
Idea Management:TeamRetro - Logo
TeamRetro is the secure, engaging and effective way to run your agile retrospective meetings.
Project Management:ZenTao - Logo
ZenTao is an Application Lifecycle Management tool with key features including product management, project management, test management, document management, bug tracking, CI manage, reporting, etc
Project Management:Shipit - Logo
Shipit is the product owner’s missing link between your organisation’s existing tools, like ticketing systems, wikis and documents, CRMs
Productivity:Bird Eats Bug - Logo
Found a bug? Record and share with engineers. It will come with technical logs and everything. Your team will ❤️ you.
Focus:Hyperfocus - Logo
Hyperfocus blocks applications and websites for a specific time frame so you can focus.
Project Management:Taskeo - Logo
Taskeo is online productivity software that goes beyond project management and team collaboration. It’s the personal productivity assistant that you’ve been waiting for.
Remote Scanner:Addmin - Logo
Addmin allows you to centralise any document, set reminders, and tag them for you to effectively follow up and find it back whenever & wherever you need. Privacy-by-design ensures your data stay yours
Bug Tracking:Toybox - Logo
Toybox lets you collect visual feedback from your team and clients directly on your site. It's the fastest way to create, collaborate, and manage ideas on any website.
Project Management:Beat - Logo
Beat is a place for proactive teamwork. Where your project managing, collaboration, planning, and file sharing is happening in one single place. So your team can focus on reaching their goals.
Code Collaboration:CodePen - Logo
CodePen is a social development environment for front-end designers and developers. It’s the best place to build and deploy a website, show off your work, build test cases, and find inspiration.
Idea Management:Neatro - Logo
Neatro is a fully responsive web app to conduct retrospective activities for agile teams. Now, easily manage action items and access to your team's report.
Other Tools & Resources:ID Analyzer - Logo
ID Analyzer is an ID scan technology to extract and verify data from global ID documents including passport, driver license and identification card, verify remote user age and identity with our digital onboarding solutions
CRM Software:Datalyse - Logo
Datalyse isn't a sales system. It's an engagement CRM platform for managing high sales volume effortlessly
Hiring Remote Talent:6nomads - Logo
Hire reliable full-time remote engineers for your startup.
Note Taking:ScatterNote - Logo
ScatterNote is a note taking app that lets you reorganize, connect, and disconnect your research at the speed of thought
Code Collaboration:GitDuck - Logo
Video chat tool with pair programming. Code in real-time directly from your IDE with your team.
Employee Management:Synergita - Logo
Synergita is a cloud-based Performance Review Software. Organizations can nurture high-performance, continuous development and save time, effort and money
Code Collaboration:CloudRepo - Logo
A cloud native artifact repository manager offering both public and private repositories. CloudRepo allows high performance software development teams to securely store and share artifacts for use in other builds and development processes.
Other Tools & Resources:Torch - Logo
Torch is a digital adoption platform for powering product-led growth and helping deliver a beautifully simple user experience at scale
To-do List:Lunatask - Logo
Lunatask is an all-in-one privacy-focused to-do list, habit and mood tracker, and Pomodoro timer. Markdown and end-to-end encryption included
Note Taking:Zoho Notebook - Logo
Take notes, add files, create checklists and sketches, record audio, and capture moments using Notebook. All your notes are instantly synced across your devices and to the cloud.
Product Management:Producter - Logo
Producter helps product-oriented teams to streamline feedback, tasks, roadmap, and changelog cycle in one place
Project Management:UpDiagram - Logo
UpDiagram is a collaborative project management tool that shortens users' time and effort to manage their projects. A free agile project tool for scrum teams
Other Tools & Resources:Heyhi - Logo
Heyhi is a real-time video chat you can easily install on your website to get face-to-face with your leads, sell your products, and support your customers
Note Taking:Supernotes - Logo
Supernotes is the best place to collect your thoughts, notes, snippets, and tasks. Create notecards with Markdown, LaTeX, images, emojis, and more
Project Management:Avion - Logo
Avion is a user story mapping tool for agile software teams. Your story map needs to evolve over time, and this can be frustrating with post-its alone.
Productivity:Tangish.com - Logo
Organize your communication via our patent filed infinite level task structure. Clear communication, ensured accountability, increased visibility. Work from anywhere and track to completion.
Other Tools & Resources:Satiurn - Logo
Organize your team with tasks, track all the expenses, and take care of your customers. Satiurn is the perfect tool for freelancers and small businesses. Start saving time now!
Employee Management:Gather - Logo
Gather eliminates manual coordination with a smart, automated communication and coordination powered by a deep integration with Slack
Remote Whiteboard:Grapic - Logo
The Grapic app uses Augmented Reality to share what you draw with pen and paper directly to your online meetings, in real-time, so you can remote collaborate like you were in the same room
Self Care:NTX Go - Fitness Done Remotely - Logo
NTX Go is a daily workout program that can be done anywhere, requires zero equipment, and takes less than 20 minutes.
Design Collaboration:Marvel - Logo
All-in-one platform bringing ideas to life by powering creation of digital product designs. Facilitates wireframing, prototyping, handoff and collaboration.
Idea Management:Ideanote - Logo
Ideanote gives you a proven structure and process to make innovation happen in your business. Get a central hub to collect more of the right ideas, engage people across teams and measure your impact.
Icebreaker Games:QuizBreaker - Logo
Bring your team closer together, no matter where they are.
Other Tools & Resources:Spool - Logo
Spool is a sales script generation tool built on top of Zoom that helps teams to sync and perform better by capturing and accessing ideal sales scripts with the tap of a button.
Scheduling:Woven - Logo
Woven brings powerful scheduling tools to your calendar. Sync all of your accounts and create fast one-off and published scheduling links directly from your calendar.
Team Building:Teamo - Logo
Teamo is a social, lively corporate group card for teams that's suited for any occasion: welcoming a new hire, celebrating a teammate's birthday, thanking a summer intern and more
Team Chat:Oneteam - Logo
Oneteam helps organizations in driving quick communication with on-premise, remote as well as frontline employees
Startup Resources:JSON API - Logo
JSON API is a hosted free API service which developers use to focus on designing and building great web/ mobile apps
Startup Resources:Tactyqal - Logo
Tactyqal is an AI decision making app that helps entrepreneurs make important business decisions
Self Care:StretchMinder - Logo
StretchMinder reminds you to take frequent breaks while providing short guided routines which are designed specifically to keep remote workers healthy no matter where they are working
Scheduling:Calendly - Logo
Calendly helps you schedule meetings without the back-and-forth emails.
Team Chat:Hyperinbox for Teams - Logo
Hyperinbox is a thread-based communication tool for remote teams. Our intelligent Inbox helps teams to stay focused and accountable through nudging Inbox Zero
Remote Job Boards:Workew - Logo
Workew is a job board for remote workers and hiring platform for distributed companies.
CRM Software:FinCRM - Logo
Fincrm provides the best CRM software for different business verticals where you can manage your sales, marketing, accounting, purchase, and support in a single CRM platform
Digital Nomads:Fairytrail - Logo
Fairytrail is a new type of dating app that offers video and adventure dates.
Employee Management:TestInvite - Logo
TestInvite is an online exam software platform for companies and organizations to create and conduct secure, high-quality online exams
Hiring Remote Talent:Upwork - Logo
Get it done with a freelancer. Grow your business with the top freelancing website.
Virtual Office:Virbela - Logo
Virbela brings people together to work, learn, meet, and train in an immersive virtual world – from anywhere
Visual Collaboration:Metro Retro - Logo
Metro Retro is a web application created to help teams run productive, engaging and fun retrospectives. It uses real-time updates, adaptable templates and a quirky sense of humor to help you run the best possible retros!
Remote Job Boards:WeWorkRemotely - Logo
WeWorkRemotely is the largest community on the web (with 150,000+ monthly users) to find and list jobs that aren't restricted by commutes or a particular geographic area.
Standups:Cadence - Logo
Cadence is an app that teams use daily to share progress updates and celebrate milestones directly in Slack
Code Collaboration:CoScreen - Logo
CoScreen turns your second screen into your team desktop. Any window you drag & drop to your extended screen appears on the extended screens of your team members & vice versa. Everyone can interact with all windows.c
Self Care:MoveWell - Logo
MoveWell helps people stay fit, mobile and healthy - ideal for remote workers or those without access to gym/training classes
Team Chat:Unison - Logo
Group communication software to connect and organize groups of people.
Other Tools & Resources:ApiChecker - Logo
ApiChecker is reliable uptime and performance monitoring for your service.
OKR Software:Tability - Logo
Tability is a simple goal-tracking platform for OKRs, KPIs and projects. We help teams be aligned and focused on outcomes.
Remote Whiteboard:Explain Everything - Logo
The interactive whiteboard platform where people collaborate, share and learn without boundaries.
Productivity:Statusly - Logo
Statusly is a Slack bot that helps you automate your Slack status and DND/away settings with Powerful Routines
Design Collaboration:Zeplin - Logo
A connected space for product teams. Allows automated handoff of designs and style guides uploaded from Sketch, Figma, Adobe XD CC etc. with accuracy.
Team Chat:Friday - Logo
The easiest way to send and see regular updates as a distributed team.
Employee Management:OfficeSimplify - Logo
OfficeSimplify helps companies manage, track, and approve employee time off. Google Calendar and Slack integrations make it super easy to book time off and see where everyone is. No more complicated spreadsheets
Meeting Assistant:Tooqan - Logo
Tooqan’s mission is bringing visibility on key aspects of meetings and providing personalised guidance for improvement. This means inefficiencies are quickly spotted and time spent in meetings becomes more productive.
Meeting Assistant:Comeet.me - Logo
Stop the meeting madness. Powered-on agendas, one-click shared decisions and meeting performance feedback. All in your calendar, now, supercharged. Make every meeting count and never miss a point.
Productivity:Partizion - Logo
Organize your work in the browser with custom spaces for the things you work on (Work, personal, side-project, etc) and save groups of tabs for your tasks, projects, reading lists, and more
Scheduling: SavvyCal - Logo
SavvyCal makes it easy for both parties to find the best time to meet—in an instant
Team Building:ChatFox - Logo