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RootLo App

About RootLo App

RootLo is a mobile application helping companies and employees to successfully navigate the structural shift in where work is done

RootLo App - Details & Top Features

It's estimated that 4x more people will work remotely post-covid. However, the last year hasn’t come w/out challenges. Companies are pondering how to keep employees engaged and maintain culture. RootLo is helping companies & employees to navigate these challenges and lean into the advantages that come alongside remote work

RootLo App pricing - How much does RootLo App cost?

  • 3 months free trial
  • Team size ≤ 50 = $0per employee per month
  • Team size ≤ 1000 = $3 per employee per month
  • Team size ≥ 1000 = $1 per employee per month

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