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SoapBox Sidekick

About SoapBox Sidekick

The SoapBox Sidekick is an AI-powered meeting assistant designed to help managers and their teams with their day-to-day productivity and organization.

SoapBox Sidekick - Details & Top Features

"The SoapBox Sidekick is an AI assistant 🤖that helps managers and their teams prepare for one-on-ones and team meetings, facilitate conversations and gain insights into performance and engagement. The Sidekick will: -Help you prepare for meetings -Prompt conversations -Give you insights into your employee’s engagement, performance and sentiment -Help you document your meeting outcomes and track them over time -Help you collect feedback on your meetings -And so much more!"

SoapBox Sidekick pricing - How much does SoapBox Sidekick cost?

  • The Sidekick will live within the SoapBox app and will be available to both free and pro SoapBox users.

  • Relevance to Remote Work

    It can be harder for remote managers to build relationships with their direct reports because they're missing that face-to-face element. This means that time during your one-on-ones and team meetings is that much more important, and you need to be prepared. The Sidekick will help remote teams: • Prepare for meetings • Facilitate productive discussions • Get organized and stay on their day • Collaborate before, during and after meetings • Most importantly, the Sidekick will help remote managers build better relationships with their team.

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