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Sprint Boards

About Sprint Boards

Sprint Boards is an online retrospective tool for Agile developers, providing distributed teams with the tools they need to coordinate, discuss and collaborate together remotely.

Sprint Boards - Details & Top Features

Create unlimited boards with Trello and Jira integration, team management features including the ability to set others as an administrator to manage your boards, support for card merging and masking, and more. Mobile-friendly and beautifully designed, Sprint Boards provides scrum masters and product managers with the tools they need to make their retrospectives effortless.

Sprint Boards pricing - How much does Sprint Boards cost?

  • Free trial available, then just $7.99/mo. Covers your entire team.
  • Check out the complete pricing options for Sprint Boards.

  • Relevance to Remote Work

    Sprint Boards was created to help even the most distance teams conduct their retrospectives effortlessly. With the right technology and tools, companies that rely on, or indeed prefer, an entirely remote workforce can be just as successful.

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