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About Stashany

Stashany is designed for developer who would like to take quick a note anywhere.

Stashany - Details & Top Features

We like the simplicity in taking note in text editor. It is great for quick note and saving code snippets. But the drawbacks are those notes just stay in local machine. So the idea of Stashany come up, which aim at: 📄 Resemble text editor experience for quick note but with simple note management UI. 🌍 Online, can access everywhere.

Stashany pricing - How much does Stashany cost?

  • Free account available

  • Relevance to Remote Work

    For those who are working remotely, probably they can work anywhere or even working on different devices from time to time. Stashany can let them access the notes, todo list, code snippets anytime, anywhere. (Even on mobile when you on the go)

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