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What is Teamo?

Teamo is a social, lively corporate group card for teams that's suited for any occasion: welcoming a new hire, celebrating a teammate's birthday, thanking a summer intern and more

  • About Teamo

    About Teamo

    Remote work is bittersweet. Staying connected and feeling that sense of camaraderie may become harder when work calls become, well, mostly work.
    We want to help invigorate teams by helping teams celebrate 🎉

  • Pricing


    • Free card up to 10 posts
    • Paid card for unlimited posts for $5
    • Monthly subscription of $20/ month for unlimited number of cards
    • Remote.tools audience would get 70% off their first card
  • When to use Teamo

    When to use Teamo

    When teams want to celebrate with more than just a Slack shoutout. Use cases include: welcoming a new hire, celebrating a teammate's birthday, employee shoutout, thanking a summer intern, or celebrating a product launch

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • Teamo provides a way for remote teams to feel more connected by celebrating the team officially
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  • Alexandra Yeo

    Hi all! Feel free to leave a comment or tweet me at @yeo_alexandra.

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