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WEEK OF JULY 09, 2021

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What is Topia?

Topia is an online video chat platform that allows you to connect virtually in a more human way and create a world that's uniquely yours.

  • About Topia

    About Topia

    Topia is a more human video chat in a customized virtual world.

    You can easily move in and out of conversations like you’re in person with Topia’s spatial video chat.

    Use Topia’s customizable templates and build your perfect world in minutes.

    Participate in Topia's creator ecosystem to make money by bringing people together and selling scenes & templates in the marketplace.

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  • When to use Topia

    When to use Topia

    You can use Topia to bring your community together for parties, events, celebrations, and to strengthen relationships through shared experiences.

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • Remote teams and communities come together for synchronous experiences & fun.
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